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Special Guests: Tasha Alexander and Andrew Grant

When I was planning my 4th Anniversary program, I knew who I wanted to be my guests: Tasha Alexander & Andrew Grant. I had interviewed them separately in the past -- but I wanted them to come on the program together. 

They intrigued me. I saw them at the Bouchercon 2018 World Mystery Convention held in October -- practically in my backyard -- at the beautiful Vinoy Hotel in St. Petersburg.

For all you book fans, Bouchercon, named in honor of Anthony Boucher (bough’•chur•con), is the annual convention where every year readers, writers, publishers, editors, agents, booksellers and other lovers of crime fiction gather for a 4-day weekend of education, entertainment, and fun!

It was my first Bouchercon and I was very excited. It was a thrill to meet so many of the authors who I had interviewed and to have the opportunity to talk to enthusiastic fans. It was a wonderful event and I was happy that I could uncross my fingers as I had been so worried that we would have a hurricane and the event would be cancelled.

I recognized Tasha and Andrew from the photos in their books. My listeners know that I moved to England to live near Jane Austen's childhood home -- so it is no surprise that I would love Tasha's Lady Emily mystery series. She has a marvelous way of weaving together solid historical research with an intriguing mystery -- shades of Elizabeth Peters and (my favorite) Dorothy M. Sayers. 

Having read Andrew's Detective Cooper Devereaux series I was impressed that an Englishman could write so convincingly about a detective in Alabama. Andrew Grant literally stands out in a crowd -- a handsome giant of a guy -- and it was fun to see how patient and engaging he was with fans. 

I enjoyed watching them. The way they looked at each other -- the way Tasha leaned into Andrew and the way Andrew's eyes twinkled when he looked at her. Then, after a long exhausting day, I got home and collapsed into a favorite chair. While wiggling my poor toes (it was the first time I had worn high heels since my surgery for a kickboxing injury) I looked over at a favorite photo.

Then I knew what it was about them that I had found so fascinating, they reminded me of -- well -- of me and my love, of my husband...same silly grins, same body language, same joy at being together. Forever lovers, forever friends...

Listen to PatZi's interview with Tasha and Andrew...

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Irene Goodman
Irene Goodman Literary Agency

I will be forever be grateful to Irene, who was the first guest on Joy on Paper.
I appreciate her support over the years. She is a remarkable literary agent and a kind and generous friend.

Thank you, Irene!

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Pekka met Tasha...

and fell in love...

PatZi and Pekka met "Drew"


Andrew Grant is an "Old Albanian" 
St. Albans, Hertfordshire, is one of the oldest schools in the world. Founded: 948.

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Uneasy Lies the Crown (Book 13) in Tasha's Lady Emily series finds Lady Emily and her husband Colin on the trail of a serial killer, who might be planning to make the new king, Edward VII, his next victim. Poor Bertie, as if he needed another problem in his life. 


Get Andrews's latest book...

It is always fun to be at the birth of a new series -- Invisible introduces us to Paul McGrath, a former covert operative, who has found a new mission in life - justice. Andrew Grant is a master of the 'twists and turns' that make a suspense thriller a great read. 


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