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Yipee! Peg Herring has been to Baraga...

Recently I read Sam Boush's All Systems Down and couldn't put it down. I kept reading it until 3 a.m. in the morning (and I get up every morning at 5 a.m.!) -- so a book has to be really exciting to keep me up all night.

I have been thinking about other books that have kept me up. One is Peg Herring's

I enjoyed how Peg does a slow reveal with multi-layers that sets this book apart from so many others. Twists and turns keeps you turning the pages.

The bonus for me is that Peg is from Michigan and she has been to my home town: Baraga. And I love her name! My favorite fish.

She also has a great appreciation for the wit and intelligence of Yoopers -- so she's high up there on my list of new favorite authors. 

You know you are a Yooper if:

  • You think of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula as “da U.P.”
  • You think of da U.P. as a separate State.
  • You are sure that pasties were invented in the U.P.
  • You would pass up the chance to eat a jar of Beluga caviar for just one pasty with ketchup.
  • You have eaten rutabaga.
  • You would shudder if someone gave you a pasty without rutabaga.
  • You know that “Mighty Mac” is not a new sandwich.
  • You have driven the “Mighty Mac” with your eyes open.

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