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The debut of a talented new author...

Wow! I always love to talk to authors on the Release Date of their first I am looking forward to Tuesday, June 26th and the release of The Summer List by Amy Mason Doan. It is a wonderful debut novel. It is a touching story of two friends who grappling with the past as they look back at their friendship and the ties that continue to bind them.

Who took the 'forever' out of bff? Casey and Laura were childhood friends. Closer than sisters even. What happened? What had torn them apart? And could they re-kindle their friendship twenty years after they had last seen each other.

There is a delightful complexity to the story that keeps us turning the pages. There is special joy in being able to put down the memories of those formative years when we were just learning ourselves. What happened to all the dreams? The things that seemed so all important.

Amy is a talented writer -- she really takes us to that small town as she weaves a story that becomes a hunt for long-buried secrets and a compelling story of a friendship. The book has everything that you could want from a great summer read: mystery, first loves, misunderstandings and healing. So grab your towel and suntan lotion and head for the pool or beach and make sure that The Summer List is on your list. You are going to enjoy this book.


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