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Brian Andrews and Jeffrey Wilson

I really enjoyed to two of my favorite authors on THURSDAY, JUNE 28th -- Jeffrey Wilson  &  Brian Andrews about their Tier One Thrillers. Jeff was in the studio and Brian was on the phone.

Everyone who listens to Joy on Paper know that I am a big military fiction fan and Andrews & Wilson are the real deal. Both are US Navy Veterans and they bring years of real service to their exciting series featuring John Dempsey, a former Navy SEAL and Tier One operator.

The 3rd book in the series is Crusader One which finds John Dempsey answering the call of duty—including a mission with the highest stakes he’s ever faced. It is a thriller on steroids -- with Dempsey and his  ultra-covert anti-terror unit, Ember, facing formidable enemies -- Iranian terrorists. From Tel Aviv to Tehran the action never stops.

Andrews & Wilson make a great team. On their own they are talented authors: Brian Andrews is the author of three critically acclaimed high-tech thrillers: ResetThe Infiltration Game, and The Calypso DirectiveJeffrey Wilson is the author of three award-winning supernatural thrillers, The Traiteur’s RingThe Donors, and Fade to Black, he and his wife, Wendy, live in Florida.

Together they are unbeatable when it comes to military thrillers!

Each book of the Tier One Series has been unique and I am looking forward to November when Book 4, American Operator, will be released. Here's a peak at what to expect:

A shocking attack in Ankara leaves the US Ambassador to Turkey dead and his chief of staff, Amanda Allen, in the hands of brutal terrorists. But Allen is no ordinary diplomat. She’s undercover CIA. The DNI and the President turn to Ember, America’s premier black-ops task force, and its deadliest weapon, former Tier One Navy SEAL John Dempsey, for help. To find Allen, Ember gets embedded in the most dangerous battlefield on Earth: Syria. But when all communications are disabled by an attack in Turkey, Dempsey finds himself with no backup—a lone shadow warrior racing against time to rescue Allen from her captors before she reaches her breaking point.


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