At Home in the Dark – An Anthology

Lawrence Block's Latest Anthology

Lawrence Block

It was a thrill for me to meet Lawrence Block, a Mystery Writer of America Grand Master at Bouchercon2018. 

Larry has been a great friend to Joy on Paper during the past four years and so I was happy to set up a 'relay' style interview with four of the great authors who have contributed stories to his latest anthology, At Home in the Dark.

Looking for a great Father's Day gift? This collection of noir short stories is perfect. 

“Everyone is a potential murderer-in everyone there arises from time to time the wish to kill-though not the will to kill.” 
― Agatha Christie, Curtain

Crime fiction runs the gamut from cute cozy mysteries to hard-boiled violence. In this new anthology, edited by Lawrence Block, you are at the far end of the dial. Contributors include some of the finest writers in the business: N. J. Ayres, Laura Benedict, Jill D. Block, Richard Chizmar, Hilary Davidson, Jim Fusilli, Joe Hill, Elaine Kagan, Joe Lansdale, Warren Moore, Joyce Carol Oates, Ed Park, Nancy Pickard, Thomas Pluck, James Reasoner, Wallace Stroby, and Duane Swierczynski.

Guests on April 30th, 2019 were: Hilary Davidson, Wallace Stroby, Joe Lansdale & Elaine Kagan

From Lawrence Block: “If you're looking for a common denominator, two come to mind. They're all dark stories, with nothing cozy or comforting about them. And every last one of them packs a punch. Which is to say that they're all very much At Home in the Dark—and we can thank O. Henry, master of the surprise ending, for our title. 'Turn up the lights,' he said on his deathbed. 'I don't want to go home in the dark." 

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It's a great website -- with a list of all his books, his blog postings and advice for authors.


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Hilary Davidson

Her short story: 
Cold Comfort

Visit Hilary's website...

Wallace Stroby

His short story: 

Visit Wallace's website...

Joe R. Lansdale

His short story: 
The Senior Girls Bayonet Drill Team

Vist Joe's website...

Elaine Kagan

Her short story: 
Hot Pants

Elaine is also a well-known actress...

Watch for Elaine the next time you watch Goodfellas and Coming to America.

PatZi met Lawrence Block and Jill Block

It was a joy for me to meet Jill Block and Larry Block at Bouchercon2018, which was held here at the beautiful Vinoy Hotel in St. Petersburg.

Jill Block is also a contributor to At Home in the Dark.

Her story is: Swear Not By the Moon




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