Rebecca D’Harlingue

The Lines Between Us

Oh, wow! What fun. I love this author! I love the book...I love dual-timeline books...and I adore diaries!

What wonderful things can I say about Rebecca - who has a beautiful last name -- and about this book? First, it came just at the time that I needed something different! It has been surprising how many authors have rushed into publication with dystopian, pandemicy and depressing books. The joys of instant publishing has not been such a joy for me -- really people, before you publish, please hire an editor!  I might write pandemicy, but it is not really a word.

Well, perhaps it is now...although I think it should be spelled: pandemicky, because there is something icky about this entire event. Someone can cite me as the first one to use this word. I will go down in history! As long as I don't go down with this icky virus thingy! (If any of you write to the Brits who control the OED, tell them you discovered it from PatZi - with a Z! Wouldn't that be a hoot?)

Rebecca DHarlingue (not pronounced with a gooeey at the end!) is a real talent. And she pulled this book out of a drawer after twenty years! Twenty years she has kept all these characters floating around in her head. It's a wonder she didn't go bonkers. Finally all these fascinating characters have escaped and it is a JOY that they are now on paper.

It's starts in 1661 Madrid and swings around to the New World in 1992. IIt start n Madrid with Ana mourning the loss of her husband and then continues to the mystery about why her niece, sixteen-year-old Juliana, suddenly vanishes. There's a search. A diary. Lost of fun as we go along for the search to discover what happened to the girl. Then we jump to the present day -- and follow the intriguing story of the diary and so much more. So much more.


i mean really -- if she wasn't so sweet you might feel jealous of such talent. Don't be green with envy -- just go dig in that drawer of yours!

2020 International Book Awards Finalist in Best New Fiction

She is adorable and I loved doing this interview. I am eager for her next book which is about a cartographer -- and I love maps.

The name is spelled D'Harlingue -- if you are searching for her. And here is a link here for her website. It's a great one. She has lots of great stuff for book check it out...and invite her to speak to your group...


About the Author

Rebecca D’Harlingue has done graduate work in Spanish literature and taught English as a Second Language. She enjoys sharing her love of books and literary with preschoolers at a Head Start program. She has belong to a book club and would love to talk to yours
She lives in California, with her husband, Arthur, who has the same last beautiful name and who is her biggest supporter and very lucky to have a wife with such a delightful laugh.

People are talking about Rebecca's book...

“An ambitious, engaging novel that explores the power of finding personal connection to the past.” ―Kirkus Reviews

“Author Rebecca D'Harlingue has crafted a truly beautiful work of epistolary fiction that takes us directly to the pens and minds of her characters. . . . Delving into Hispanic culture and history, this is clearly an incredibly well-researched novel with much to offer in its enthralling plotline, but also in an opportunity to expand our minds beyond typical family dramas. . . . What results is a highly personal, intelligent and emotive story that brings you closer to these women than you may think possible, ensuring that their tragedies and triumphs stay in your heart forever.” ―Readers' Favorite

“Rebecca D’Harlingue weaves a complex and fascinating tale, ranging from 17th-century elite Madrid, to a Mexican convent, to modern Missouri―a tale of honor and deception, of hidden pain and, eventually, forgiveness.”
―Martha Hoffman, author of Raised to Rule: Educating Royalty at the Court of the Spanish Habsburgs, 1601-1634

“In The Lines Between Us, D’Harlingue has created a captivating debut novel filled with unique characters, exquisite details, and intriguing family secrets. A diary and letters furtively passed down three hundred years from grandmother to granddaughter transport readers back in time and move them forward as the mysteries are elegantly revealed. This book is about women’s honor, overcoming heartache, and bravery.”
―Jill G. Hall, author of The Black Velvet Coat

“Well-written and engaging, the tale rings true and affirms women’s strength, desire to be heard, and fierce love of family.”
―Linda Stewart Henley, author of Estelle

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