A. R. Taylor – Jenna Takes the Fall

Jenna Takes the Fall

What can you say about someone who makes you feel so happy to be able to read a book without going crazy? A. R. Taylor is delightful! Her book, Jenna Takes a Fall, has redeeming value -- it made me laugh. Well, golly gee, she took me out of the dystopian books -- or is it world -- that now rules our lives.

I had warned her publicity agent, Paige Herbert, NOT to send it to me if it was a big downer. I had just received 22 books that were -- are - so depressing. I know, I know, we have to get it off our chests -- but please, a little humor goes a long way..

This book starts off in New York City. That was the first plus. I love books set in NYC. Can you imagine living in NCY now? Even in one of the tippy-top penthouses. You have to go up and down in elevators with PEOPLE WEARING MASKS. Not appealing. And I hear there are some serious restrictions on the number of people who can go in an elevator at the same time.

Then it takes us to Wyoming. Which is a major plus. For the past few months I have been dreaming of Wyoming. The wide open skies, the stars at night. FEW PEOPLE...and if they are wearing a mask it is because they a robbing a stagecoach and you are seeing a ghost. I really would love to go there and just stare for hours at the stars.

Anyway, back to the book. I like A. R. Taylor. She's fun and she has a great laugh. And Jenna Takes the Fall is a great read. Thank you, Paige! You got it right, I said I needed something to make me laugh.

I'm not going to tell you the opening scene...read it and then you will have to keep reading to find out what the heck is going on with Jenna!

(Oh, and don't make oatmeal...please, don't make oatmeal.)

About the Author

All you need to know is that she is a great writer....she put this book away for ten years and then dragged it out and voila, she's a new found superstar. A book I predict will be a film -- and she promised to invite me to the premier so that I can walk on the red carpet.

Anyone who has a common name and then is clever enough to call her website: lonecamel.com is my kind of person. Or camel. Since we can't call her Ann, because we might think she is selling us a dress. Or is it Anne, with an "e"? The "e" for excellent writer, perhaps?

Don't you just love this camel? (Dromedary camels have one hump, Bactrian have two. Get it? Home school mom's rule!)

Oh, and she's real smart. She did graduate..Her awards include the De Golyer Prize in American Studies, a nomination for the Henry Murray Award at Harvard, recognition from the NBC Program for New Writers, the Writers' Guild East, The Dana Fiction awards, the Theatre of Louisville Humana Prize, and the Writers Foundation of America Gold Statuette for Comedy. In addition, she was head writer on two Emmy award-winning series for public television.

People are talking about A. R. Taylor's book...

[Note from PatZi : one reviewer uses the word 'sordid' -- well, for moment or two it is sorta sordid--but at this point a little dark humor won't hurt you...enjoy...the funny parts will make you laugh out loud.]

“Taylor’s latest novel begins with a grabber of a prologue. . . . An enjoyable escape that leaves you smiling.”
Kirkus Reviews

"A dazzling debut. Jenna Takes the Fall introduces a hero who could have stepped from today's headlines. This modern tale of a desperate ingenue who careens into power plays, romance, and wealth will keep you reading into the night and waiting for A.R. Taylor's next novel."
--Doug Stanton, New York Times best-selling author of 12 Strong

"I am quite sure this going to be a really big book."
--Anne Stanton, cofounder and executive editor of National Writers Series and editorial director of Mission Point Press

"A delicious title filled with every kind of possibility. Yes, A.R. has opened with a page-turner. Established something sordid and so of eternal human interest."
--Robert A. B. Sawyer, poet and author of American Lullaby

"Jenna Takes the Fall is sharp, surprising, and highly funny. Jenna McCann is an ingenue only A.R. Taylor (and our batty society) could have created."
-Charlie Haas, author of the novel The Enthusiast, humor writer for The New Yorker, and prolific screenwriter

“A dazzling debut. Jenna Takes the Fall introduces a hero who could have stepped from today’s headlines. This modern tale of a desperate ingenue who careens into power plays, romance, and wealth will keep you reading into the night and waiting for A.R. Taylor’s next novel.”
―Doug Stanton, New York Times best-selling author of 12 Strong

Visit A. R. Taylor's website...

She has a great website...

It's call lonecamel.com
and there is a great picture
a camel....
very clever name for an author
who has a common name


Get A.R. Taylor's book...


She Writes Press...

Special thanks to SHE WRITE PRESS...
they are amazing.

Check out their website

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