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The End of the Rainbow

It was an honor to talk to James Forker about his inspiring book, The End of the Rainbow: One Man's Unexpected Journey of Love and Loss through Leukemia 

This story of loss is one that touched me deeply. Rainbows are also a part of my life and so I was intrigued when I received this book to discover how very much they played a part in Jim's story touching story of his wife, Jen. She was gone too soon. Taken by a disease that -- although we have made amazing strides in curing -- still takes far too many lives each year.

Jen was beautiful. And her love for Jim and her children is a wonderful story. It is filled with heartbreak, but also hope. It is inspiring and heartbreaking all at the same time.

What I really appreciated about this book is that it is written from a man's perspective. Not since I interviewed Jonathan Santlofer about his memoir, The Widower's Notebook, have I read such a powerful book about loss.

The End of the Rainbow is the love story of Jim and Jen, but it is also a story of single fatherhood, blended families, and the trials of terminal cancer.

It is beautifully written by Jim and with journal entries made by Jen from the time they met through her last days of fighting for life. She was a remarkable woman who arranged her own 'goodbye' party -- for 600 people! She was a force and this book celebrates her and it is one you will find inspirational. .

What people are saying...

"A beautiful and honest memoir, The End of the Rainbow is written from the heart with so much emotion rising from the pages. This is a story of an unbelievable woman, of a couple, of a family, and of a journey defined not by loss but by love."
-- Greg Gittrich, CEO Creatively

"This book is a beautiful narrative that strings together the pivotal moments in the life of a couple turned family. Interlaced throughout is unbridled honesty, pure adoration, and profound grief. And while the loss of Jen's life will leave anyone heartbroken, the love story that surrounds it all will touch your very soul." 
-- Tanya Lawrence, Communication and Business Strategist, The Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC) 
I was the caretaker for both my parents who passed away from lung cancers 23 months and 15 days apart. Our experience with the cancer journey, the medications, side effects, diets, hopes, and disappointments mirrored so many of yours with Jen and the kids. It struck so many cords in me. Crying isn't all bad, I think for me it was cathartic. Your story was hopeful and empowering too, it shows that with deep grieving there is healing, that somehow new strengths surface on the other side. Your story reminds the reader that it's their love that's their legacy.
-- Lauren Patel, Campaign Manager, Leukemia Society

About the Author

Jim Forker is a first-time writer. Born and raised in New Jersey, his book is a touching memorial to his wife, Jen. Now with their children he carries on her love of the outdoors with his children Ben, Charlotte, and Nora -- plus two dogs, Libby and Leo. .
Jim is a fundraise for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Go Giants and Yankees!

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