Tom Angleberger – The Sewer Rat Stink

Ton Angleberger - Geronimo Stilton's The Sewer Rat Stink

I love this guy! Isn't he cute with his bow tie? And he is so funny and smart!

Moldy Mozzarella! Tom Angleberger illustrated the first in what I hope will be a long running series of graphic novels based on Geronimo Stilton's books: The Sewer Rat Stinks. 

If you don't know Geronimo Stilton's books, then you are in for great treat. He is the best-selling author who works as a journalist and editor for the newspaper The Rodent's Gazette. He lives in New Mouse City on Mouse Island with lots of interesting family members, including a younger sister named Thea Stilton, a cousin named Trap Stilton, and a favorite nephew, Benjamin Stilton (Ben). Geronimo is a nervous, mild-mannered mouse who would like nothing better than to live a quiet life, but he keeps getting involved in faraway adventures.

Now, along comes, Tom (I have crowned him the "School Reunion King") * -- who has an incredible sense of style that combines charm and wit and amazing talent. The Sewer Rat Stink (Geronimo Stilton Graphic #1) is absolutely delightful since Tom has captured the very essence (a little smelly for sure) of life in New Mouse City. One of the best compliments an illustrator could get is from Dav Pilkey:

"Fresh, funny, and fast-paced. The free-style artwork and anything-goes story will make kids want to write and draw their own books!" -Dav Pilkey

Dav has been a guest on Joy on Paper and when he says somebody is great, they are great! 

Story by Elisabetta Dami, which I betta is a made uppa name, but it is so pretty and 'Renaissancy' -- is that a word? -- and romantic and she is probably a princess who lives in a tower and whose friends are all little mice who talk to her.  Ciao, Elisabetta!

NOTE: I love the map at the beginning of the book. Particularly Hercule Poirat's house and the directions to WRAT's Radio & Television Station. I am thinking of asking them if they would like to carry PatZi's Joy on Paper -- they can pay me in cheese. It will be goudanough!

*In High School, I betcha the girls had no idea that Little Tommy Angleberger would grow up to be a New York Times Bestselling Author! And ditto for USA Today and Wall Street Journal. All you jocks out there, eat your hearts out! Tom is da winner!

About the Author

There are lots of things to say about Tom -- the three greatest things are:

  1. He is the creator of Origami Yoda -- the best thing to come along since forever...
  2. His wife is Cece Bell, the children's author extraordinaire!
  3. He has written and illustrated dozens of award winning children's books, including some of my favorites: Bach to the Rescue! (How a Dude Who Couldn't  Sleep  Inspired  the Greatest  Music  Ever),  Didi Dodo (Future Spy) and Inspector Flytrap.

He says he lives in Virginia, but I think his head lives in some strange world of its own -- like what is going on in that head of his? As for his wife, well, she is pretty spectacular, too. She is the Newbery Honor Winner, Cece Bell, and is the author of such literary classics as: Smell My Foot! (No thanks!)

What is it with these two? They love smelly things -- cheese, feet....what's going on in Virginia, Virginia? Well, Cece Bell, is going to be a guest on my radio program. She doesn't know it yet -- but I will have her join me when Tom comes back in July. I figure if Tom was goudanough for her, she's goudanough to be a guest on Joy on Paper. 

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Tom is so smart....

This is just a fun book...

Cece Bell is witty and clever...

This is one of those books that you will read over and over...and never forget.

New York Times Bestselling Author

Visit Tom's great website to learn more about OrigamiYoda.

Lots of activities for kids -- free Star Wars origami instructions, Superfolder Stookiness, and much more! It's a super cool site and kids can send in their drawings!


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