Barbara Linn Probst

The Sound Between the Notes

It was so much fun to talk to Barbara. Her enthusiasm for writers and for encouraging writers is a joy. We discussed an upcoming seminar that she was having about Hybrid Publishing on Friedman's platform on Jane Friedman's platform.

For anyone to release two novels in a year is a daunting task -- and a great accomplishment when you get the kind of acclaim that both of Barbara's books have received.

Her second novel The Sound Between the Notes is a fascinating look at the challenges of a musician's life juxtaposed to that of being a mothers, daughter, and adoption. Like a fine piece of music Barbara's pacing is perfect. From the first page I was captivated by the story of Suzanne, who is taking a second run at making her mark as a pianist. It is at multi-layered story where Suzanne has to face many challenges including what it means to be adopted, a husband who is less than supportive, a son coming of age, and a physical problem that threatens to take away the one thing that gives her joy -- playing the piano.

With her deep understanding of music -- and as an accomplished pianist herself -- Barbara writes about music with  an intensity and passion that is breathtaking.

Her first book, Queen of the Owls, brings the reader into the art world -- using the photography of 'Georgia O'Keefe as a backdrop to a story that explores the meaning of motherhood, marriage, and surviving and thriving a a fulfilling career.

Both of these beautifully written books display a depth of understanding of the role of women in today's society -- and the challenges that they face.

What people are saying....

About Queen of the Owls

2020 Women's Fiction Writers Association: Star Award, Finalist, Best Debut Novel
2020 Sarton Award Finalist: Contemporary Fiction
2020 Women's Fiction Writers Association Star Award
2020 Somerset Award Finalist: Literary and Contemporary Fiction
2020 Eric Hoffer First Horizon Award Finalist
2020 IPPY Awards Bronze Winner in Popular Fiction
2020 Eric Hoffer Award 1st Runner up in General Fiction 

""Nuanced and insightful" -Christina Baker Kline

"Stunner" -Caroline Leavitt

About The Sound Between the Notes

Spellbinding" -Randy Susan Meyers

"Lyrical and powerful..."  -Julie Cantrell


About the author...

Barbara Linn Probst is a writer, researcher, clinician, and “serious amateur” pianist living on a historic dirt road in New York’s Hudson Valley.

Author of the groundbreaking book on nurturing out-of-the-box children, WHEN THE LABELS DON'T FIT, Barbara also holds a PhD in clinical social work and is a frequent guest essayist on major online sites for fiction writers.

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