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Witch City Mysteries

Most folks associate the city of Salem with witches, but for Lee Barrett, it’s home. After being away for several years, she returns. Jobless. Her Aunt Ibby welcomes her back with open arms, but finding a job as a television reporter is not as easy. The only job offer is to replace the 'psychic' television host of a late night horror movie program who was murdered. Sounds easy enough, but WICH-TV is a place with some intriguing secrets. Lee soon finds herself knee deep in a mystery. What happened to the previous host? You don't have to be psychic to know that Lee might face the same end. Luckily she survives and eight books into this delightful series Lee is alive--but somehow she and her cat, O'Ryan--keep turning up bodies. 


Jonathan Grave Series

When I read Book #1 of this series, No Mercy, I knew that Jonathan Grave was a winner. The first three pages of that book are terrific...

Harlan Coben said,  “No Mercy will leave you breathless.” The suspense and thrill has continued through all eleven books.
When those inside the corridors of power need help outside the law, they know who to call: Jonathan Grave, covert rescue specialist, always gets results. No names. No feds. No trace evidence.  


Lady Emily Mysteries

If you love history and mystery, you will enjoy Tasha Alexander's Lady Emily series set in Victorian England. In And Only to Deceive (#1) we meet Emily as a widow ready to take on life on her own terms. No wilting flower, Lady Emily blooms as she sets out to find adventure. The author creates interesting backdrops for the intrepid and unconventional sleuth. Along the way we learn a great deal of history and geography: Paris (#2), Vienna (#3), Venice (#7), French Riviera (#10), etc. What a joy!

I enjoy when the Tasha employs a dual-timeline to add depth to the history of a particular location. Her historical research is impeccable -- some of it done in my favorite library: the Reading Room at the British Museum.  

A great deal of the fun of this series is getting to know the man who will eventually capture Lady Emily's heart, Colin Hargreaves, and -- as the years go by -- their family and friends. 


Cassie Dewell Series   

From New York Times bestselling and Edgar Award-winning author this new series about a former police officer is a great read. Cassie Dewell is a one of those characters who immediately grabs you -- she's a widow, her son Ben is a great kid, and her mother, Isabel, is still as hip as she was in the 1960's. 

In the most recent release, The Bitterroots, Cassie is starting her life over as private eye. It's a complicated transition for someone who has been on the other side of a badge. CJ Box knows how to write about strong women and -- like he does in  his iconic Joe Pickett series -- his books capture today's American West. 

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The Alphabet Series -- from A to Y 

Gone but not forgotten . I loved talking to Sue Grafton about her Alphabet Series. The last time we spoke I joked that I wish she wrote in Cambodian since they have 74 letters in their Khmer alphabet.

I already had a date with her for "Z" -- which, unfortunately, was never finished. She told me she was getting ready to work on it the last time we spoke. As she wrote everything in a would be interesting to see how far she had gotten, but I know that she would never want a 'ghost' to write it for her -- or to continue the series. She would want us to imagine what would happen next in her main character's life. Kinsey Millhone. who must live on in our hearts and not on paper.. 

I miss our talks. Like me, Sue worked in a laboratory when she was young and so I could appreciate her use of descriptive phrases like a urine yellow sweater. We also commiserating over working in Hollywood. She hated it and never wanted to see her books on film. Do start with "A is for Alibi" from 1982 and keep going...they are definitely BingeWorthy!

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