Lawrence Block – From Sea to Stormy Sea

From Sea to Stormy Sea

Wow! I was so much fun to talk with four contributors in From Sea to Stromy Sea, the third book in the acclaimed anthology series that is the brainchild of the brilliant Mystery Writer of America Grand Master, Lawrence Block. 

It seems like such a simple idea, but it took Larry to come out with the idea of art meeting words in a wide ranging collection of stories. In this book, as in the others, he has gathered together sixteen authors who have written short stories based on masterpieces of American art.

It was an honor that I had the opportunity of interviewing authors from his previous anthologies, In Sunlight or in Shadow and Alive in Shape and Color. What I love about these anthologies is that I get to read stories from some of my favorite authors -- but also get to meet many new authors whose works I had somehow missed.

In this latest book the authors were invited to pick paintings exclusively the work of American artists and what a eclectic selection it turned out to be: Harvey Dunn, John Steuart Curry, Reginald Marsh, Thomas Hart Benton, Helen Frankenthaler, Winslow Homer, Rockwell Kent, Grant Wood, Childe Hassam and Andy Warhol.

As in the previous books, the production value of the books is terrific with beautifully illustrated full-color reproductions of the seventeen paintings.

The joy of an anthology is that it is like a box of chocolates. They make perfect gifts because everyone is sure to find some old favorites and many new flavors to savor. - PatZi (with a Z!)

PatZi & Four Authors - December 5th, 2020

This was another of my special 'relay' interviews with contributors to one of Lawrence Block's great anthologies.  It was such a joy to talk to four authors selected by Larry for From Sea to Stormy Sea.

Brendan DuBois - Adrift Off the Diamond Shoals

Janice Eidus - You're A Walking Time Bomb

Charles Ardai - Mother of Pearl

Micah Nathan - Get Him


Each of the authors are terrific...

Once you read this great anthology, check out the work of the authors selected by Lawrence Block.



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Brendan DuBois

       Brendon DuBois

Janice Eidus

          Janice Eidus


Charles Ardai

        Charles Ardai

Micah Nathan

         Micah Nathan

I am inviting each of these authors to return to Joy on Paper

Janice Eidus will be my guest on Thursday, March 12th - join us for a fun interview!


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