Davon Miller’s BookBuzzes

Every month Davon Miller, the author and illustrator of the Mr. Tickety-Toc Clock series will bring us recommendations about books for young people. Davon visited the studio for his first interview about his children series and I was so impressed when he read several of his stories, that I invited him to be a roving reporter – and do BookBuzzes for the books he recommends for children. He is an amazing young man — who wants to encourage children to enjoyed reading and writing as much as he does. WhenRead More

Paco Chierici – Lions of the Sky

 Wow! I love pilots and beautiful aircraft. So it was a thrill to read Paco Chierici’s debut book, Lions of the Sky. Paco Chierici has written a compelling story about young competitive Navy pilots training to fly one of the hottest planes in the fleet, the F-18 Super Hornet. With a great cast of characters, we follow them as they go through rigorous training to join a combat squadron on one of the newest carriers in the fleet, USS Bush.  His main character, Sam “Slammer” Richardson is a fighter pilot’sRead More

Three Poets – LL Barkat, JS Lamb, Kim Dower

Celebrating poetry with LL Barkat, JS “Jim” Lamb, and Kim Dower — they each read a few of their poems and talk about their love of poetry — and the joy of even one little word…. 1st Segment with LL Barkat   2nd Segment with J.S. Lamb 3rd Segment with Kim Dower   What a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and my love of poetry. I invited three of my favorite poets: LL Barkat, JS “Jim” Lamb and Kim Dower. All three of these fine poets have been on JoyRead More

Andrea Wang & Jason Chin

It was such a delight to talk to Andrea Wang and Jason Chin about their lovely picture book: WATERCRESS The words and the illustrations are just beautiful.   Gathering watercress by the side of the road brings a girl closer to her family’s Chinese Heritage. Talent artist Jason Chin, has captured the feeling of the American mid-west in these beautiful illustrations. They remind me of my childhood in Michigan. In this book, set in Ohio, you can almost feel the wind blowing through the corn. And enjoy the ride in theRead More

Dr. Mark E. Klein – Franklin Rock

It was meant to be… I actually wasn’t going to read this book…at least not now. And I was going to give it a pass…tell his publicist that I just didn’t have time.  But sometimes fate — or what Dr. Mark E. Klein calls a Franklin Rock moment — takes charge. At 2:30 a.m. I was wandering around the house. Something woke me, but I wasn’t planning to stay up — I was thinking of having a cuppa tea — but then I picked up this book. It was inRead More

Rita Moreau – Wheeler Dealer

It was so much fun to talk to Rita Moreau about her new book, Wheeler Dealer, the first in her The Ghost & Camper Kooky Mystery series.  It was her first trip back to the studio since all the craziness happened! The only good thing that came out of the forced isolation was that Rita not only started a new series, she wrote two books in nine months! Wheeler Dealer is the first one and coming in August will be Murder on Honky-Tonk Row. So 2020 was definitely not aRead More

Irene Goodman – Literary Agent

Irene Goodman Liteary Agency Irene Goodman was the first guest on Joy on Paper – March 17, 2015   Critiques for Charity Once A Month, Agent Irene Goodman Holds Auctions For Critiques Of Partial Manuscripts. Proceeds Go To The Foundation Fighting Blindness And The Hearing Health Foundation. There comes a time when you need an outsider to read your work. You’ve had all the compliments from your family and friends — now you need a professional eye to look at your book and give you an honest and straightforward opinion.Read More

Clare Nolan – Take Me Home Huey

Take Me Home Huey A Book to Celebrate the Multi-Media Project Created by Steve Maloney to honor Vietnam Veterans for their service and sacrfice.  Steve Maloney was a celebrated artist who created amazing mixed–media sculptures. To honor the memory of those lost in Vietnam and to celebrate the lives of those who served, Steve took a shattered medevac helicopter that was shot down on Valentine’s Day 1969. It is a colorful mixed-media sculpture that captures the essence of those turbulent years . The Take Me Home Huey book is dedicatedRead More

George Newbern – We Begin at the End

PatZi had fun talking with George Newbern — a marvelous actor and the narrator of Chris Whitaker’s We Begin at the End George Newbern is handsome and sexy and he has a great voice! It was so much fun to talk to him about his narration of We Begin at the End, a novel by British author, Chris Whitaker.  Since the story is set in a small coastal town in California it was a good choice to select George Newbern as the narrator. He lends an American reality to the storyRead More

Amanda Lynch – Black Boy Fly

This is a beautiful book! In so many ways. Black boy, fly! is a powerful book for young boys designed to encourage them to be unapologetic about their identity, history, and giftedness. Fly with MJ as he defies societal stereotypes in this beautifully illustrated and fun family read, a touching story, perfect for encouraging boys to soar. Bonus material includes 100 inspiring affirmations young boys can repeat with their parents and teachers to reinforce self-esteem and confidence. The author is Amanda Lynch. Illustrations by Bonnie Lemaire.    Learn more aboutRead More

Ain Heath Drew – Ari J.’s Kinky, Curly Crown

Ari J’s Kinky, Curly Crown is Davon Miller’s BookBuzz pick for March 2021. Ari J. is in the first grade now, and she knew this school year would be perfect. She had perfect clothes. She had a perfect pair of glasses to give her perfect sight. She would be making perfect grades. She had the perfect friends: DJ, Rae, Dylan, and Taj. She even had the perfect teacher, Ms. Windsun. The only thing that Ari J. thought was not perfect was her kindergarten hair. It is published by Orange Hat Publishing — TheirRead More

Dr. Gabby Wild – Wild Vet Adventures

  Wild Vet Adventures: Saving Animals Around the World With Dr. Gabby Wild is a wonderful book! It was such a joy to talk to Dr. Gabby about her adventures with wild animals. You will be thrilled learning about her adventurous as a wildlife veterinarian. Dr. Gabby Wild has performed dental work on a jaguar, taught a baby bird to fend for itself, and frequently gives chimps a checkup. Learn about animal anatomy and behaviors, diets, families, and the dangers they face in the wild. Get up close–and we do meanRead More

V.M. Burns – Mystery Bookshop – Book 6

VM Burns is my kind of author! I love cozy mysteries, I love dual timelines, and I love books set in England. A Tourist’s Guide to Murder is my cup of tea — which I enjoyed one Sunday afternoon while sipping Earl Grey Tea from Harrods and my homemade scones with strawberry preserves from Fortnum and Masons. . What an absolutely fun read! VM – Valerie to me — is a really fine writer. Not only does she come up with a clever mystery, she knows how to create atmosphereRead More