Will Geddes – Parent Alert! How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Protect your children… …from cybercrime, sexting, cyberbullying, phishing, cyberstalking, grooming, nude selfies, and other internet dangers. You can’t shield your kids from the risks if you don’t know what they are. It was so much fun to talk to Will. Wow! Will Geddes is the real deal! When he says you should read his book, you should read his book. …

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Kelli Clare – Hidden

A glorious summer read… Oh, wow. When a summer read starts off with: “shoulders so broad…taut biceps…faded indigo t-shirt…tucked into close-fitting jeans….” Well, what the heck. Just sit back and enjoy it. That’s what a summer read is for — to send your mind into another world and one populated by a character as appealing as Will Hastings, a seductive …

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