Paco Chierici – Lions of the Sky

 Wow! I love pilots and beautiful aircraft. So it was a thrill to read Paco Chierici’s debut book, Lions of the Sky. Paco Chierici has written a compelling story about young competitive Navy pilots training to fly one of the hottest planes in the fleet, the F-18 Super Hornet. With a great cast of characters, we follow them as they go through rigorous training to join a combat squadron on one of the newest carriers in the fleet, USS Bush.  His main character, Sam “Slammer” Richardson is a fighter pilot’sRead More

Three Poets – LL Barkat, JS Lamb, Kim Dower

Celebrating poetry with LL Barkat, JS “Jim” Lamb, and Kim Dower — they each read a few of their poems and talk about their love of poetry — and the joy of even one little word…. 1st Segment with LL Barkat   2nd Segment with J.S. Lamb 3rd Segment with Kim Dower   What a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and my love of poetry. I invited three of my favorite poets: LL Barkat, JS “Jim” Lamb and Kim Dower. All three of these fine poets have been on JoyRead More

Max Allen Collins – MWA Grand Master

Wow! Pow! I wanted to start off 2021 with a BANG — so there was no one better than Max Allen Collins! What a treat to talk to an author whose books are among my favorites! Part of the fun of reading is traveling back in time and going places — and the adventures of the Private Eye to the Stars, Nathan Heller, take us on a whirlwind tour of the United States and cover the highlights of American 20th Century History.  Max is the 11th Mystery Writer of AmericaRead More

Harlan Rector

Get inspired to write the book that is in you — listen to this fun interview with Harlan Rector. I wanted something special for my Christmas Eve program — and I got it with my guest, Harlan Rector. I extended the invitation because I admire his book of caricatures, Once Upon a Corner in Detroit. A beautiful book with 65 caricatures of famous people that Harlan drew while working as a director of Detroit’s largest ad agency. At noontime every day he would sit in on the radio program, Focus,Read More

Bettye Kearse – The Other Madisons

It was a pleasure to talk to Bettye Kearse about her fascinating book, The Other Madisons: The Lost History of a President’s Black Family. In the African tradition of a griotte — the person in the family responsible for handing down the story of their family — Betty Kearse has written a compelling book about her ancestors. Her family’s credo “Always remember—you’re a Madison. You come from African slaves and a president.” With that in mind, she has spent years researching her family’s links to the 4th President of theRead More

Davon Miller’s BookBuzzes

Every month Davon Miller, the author and illustrator of the Mr. Tickety-Toc Clock series will bring us recommendations about books for young people. Davon visited the studio for his first interview about his children series and I was so impressed when he read several of his stories, that I invited him to be a roving reporter – and do BookBuzzes for the books he recommends for children. He is an amazing young man — who wants to encourage children to enjoyed reading and writing as much as he does. WhenRead More

Cookie Doughga by Margot Harris

Cookie Doughga is Davon Miller’s BookBuzz pick for January 2021. In this sweet and simple rhyming story, your child will explore 10 foundational yoga poses as well as quick and effective mindfulness techniques to help in times of worry or stress. You will enjoy Davon’s review of this Margot Harris book… Cookie Doughga

Max Allen Collins – January 7th

Wow! Another great book…

Robert McCaw – January 5th

Wow! Another great book…

Lee Goldberg – January 5th

Wow! Another great book…

Christopher Zyda – The Storm

Two words came to mind after reading Christopher Zyda’s The Storm: One Voice from the AIDS Generation – Indomitable Spirit. I don’t know if Chris owns a boat, but if he does, that would be a perfect name for it. Because Chris is an amazing person. This book is great on so many levels and there are so many reasons to read this beautiful love story about his first love, Stephen, who died of AIDS. It is an important story that tells about the 1980’s in Los Angeles. It is an inspirationalRead More

Jerome Preisler – Net Force: Attack Protocol

I knew this Net Force: Attack Protocol would be so good that when I received it, I took a deep breath, walked over to my desk and tore up my “To Do Right Now List” — because I knew I wasn’t going to do anything for the rest of the day — and into the night! I first met Jerome Preisler at a Bouchercon2019 in Dallas. We were waiting for a panel discussion to start and he reached over and handed me his book, the first in the revamping ofRead More