Paco Chierici – Lions of the Sky

 Wow! I love pilots and beautiful aircraft. So it was a thrill to read Paco Chierici’s debut book, Lions of the Sky. Paco Chierici has written a compelling story about young competitive Navy pilots training to fly one of the hottest planes in the fleet, the F-18 Super Hornet. With a great cast of characters, we follow them as they go through rigorous training to join a combat squadron on one of the newest carriers in the fleet, USS Bush.  His main character, Sam “Slammer” Richardson is a fighter pilot’sRead More

Three Poets – LL Barkat, JS Lamb, Kim Dower

Celebrating poetry with LL Barkat, JS “Jim” Lamb, and Kim Dower — they each read a few of their poems and talk about their love of poetry — and the joy of even one little word…. 1st Segment with LL Barkat   2nd Segment with J.S. Lamb 3rd Segment with Kim Dower   What a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and my love of poetry. I invited three of my favorite poets: LL Barkat, JS “Jim” Lamb and Kim Dower. All three of these fine poets have been on JoyRead More

A. R. Taylor – Jenna Takes the Fall

What can you say about someone who makes you feel so happy to be able to read a book without going crazy? A. R. Taylor is delightful! Her book, Jenna Takes a Fall, has redeeming value — it made me laugh. Well, golly gee, she took me out of the dystopian books — or is it world — that now rules our lives. I had warned her publicity agent, Paige Herbert, NOT to send it to me if it was a big downer. I had just received 22 books thatRead More

Kimberly Friedmutter – Subconscious Power

Subconscious Power: Use Your Inner Mind to Create the Life You’ve Always Wanted  lutter! That could be my middle name, so I was so happy to get Kimberly Friedmutter’s book, Subconscious Power. It really does give insights into the road to finding the power. I’m working on it — and so will you once you read this fascinating book. Kimberly is a world-renowned hypnotherapist who can help you understand yourself. And perhaps unclutter your mind and reach the potential that is within you. There are many concepts in this bookRead More

Rebecca D’Harlingue

Oh, wow! What fun. I love this author! I love the book…I love dual-timeline books…and I adore diaries! What wonderful things can I say about Rebecca – who has a beautiful last name — and about this book? First, it came just at the time that I needed something different! It has been surprising how many authors have rushed into publication with dystopian, pandemicy and depressing books. The joys of instant publishing has not been such a joy for me — really people, before you publish, please hire an editor! Read More

Video News-Jessica Strawser

Randy Rush – A Man with a Mission

Last month I spoke to Randall “Randy” Rush. the author of 13 Billion to One. I don’t usually have a guest back on so quickly — but I needed to bring him back so that we could talk more about his mission to lead the charge again white collar crime. Many of my listeners are writers and they are often targets of scam artists who try to entice them into schemes that sound good and turn out to be just cons. And Randy is an expert on cons — afterRead More

Sue Greenberg

It was a joy t Just as the author c Donis Casey is the author of ten Alafair Tucker Mysteries. Donis has twice won the Arizona Book Award for her series, and been a finalist for the Willa Award and a seven-time finalist for the Oklahoma Book Award. Her first novel, The Old Buzzard Had It Coming, was named an Oklahoma Centennial Book in 2008. Donis is a former teacher, academic librarian, and entrepreneur. She lives in Tempe, Arizona. In our interview, Donis and I talk about Carolyn Hart…. InRead More

Margaret George – Splendor Before the Dark

I enjoy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx     Tuesday & Thursday [CLICK HERE] See list of books, blog, contact info and more [CLICK HERE] Uneasy Lies the Crown A Joy on Paper BookBuzz Review by Rita Moreau Whether you are an armchair traveler or going on a journey, you will enjoy reading Lady Emily mysteries… London Greece Vienna Venice Normandy French Riviera Turkey and more! Please like my Facebook page so that I expand to five days a week. CLICK here….thanks!

Tom Straw – The Real “Castle”

One of my favorite interviews with the man behind the “Castle” books — the ruggedly handsome Tom Straw… Tom Straw has a ruggedly handsome voice — and he’s really cute, too! This is one of my all time favorite interviews. I could have talked to him for hours and hours! He’s a sweetheart. I can see why the producers of the Castle television series picked him to write Richard Castle’s books. There’s a touch of romance in Tom — and a quick sense of humor. I didn’t interview him whenRead More

Tom Angleberger – The Sewer Rat Stink

I love this guy! Isn’t he cute with his bow tie? And he is so funny and smart! Moldy Mozzarella! Tom Angleberger illustrated the first in what I hope will be a long running series of graphic novels based on Geronimo Stilton’s books: The Sewer Rat Stinks.  If you don’t know Geronimo Stilton’s books, then you are in for great treat. He is the best-selling author who works as a journalist and editor for the newspaper The Rodent’s Gazette. He lives in New Mouse City on Mouse Island with lots ofRead More

Randy Rush

It was a real joy to talk to Randall Rush. the author of 13 Billion to One. I like Randy — he is really someone special! Sometimes when you hear about someone winning the lottery, you think: Why did that person win? I only know one lottery winner personally, she’s someone I see once in a while at a meeting or an event. She won $10K. I wasn’t jealous, but I did think it was such a waste.  For just a moment I thought it would have been nice ifRead More