Bob Slowik – Sixty Minutes to a Lifetime

Bob Slowik - Sixty Minutes to a Lifetime

It was such a JOY to talk to Coach Slowik about his book, Sixty Minutes to a Lifetime: Lessons I've Learned About Life and Football from My NFL Coaching Career

Although my family -- and I -- were Detroit Lions fans, for me it was just because it was the hometown teams and the guys in my family wouldn't miss a game. Looking back on it, I realize my mother and I were in the kitchen during most of the games! For me it was the Detroit Tigers that sent my heart aflutter. My Dad would take me to Tiger's games -- he took the boys to the football games -- so I grew up knowing all the Tigers team and I had a great collection of SIGNED baseball cards. (My Dad was with the Teamsters and we had great seats near 1st base!)
So I didn't have the passion for football that some people have -- until I interviewed Coach Slow, as Bob Slowik, is nicknamed. His book is so much fun -- and his love of the game just bubbles over.
Ever since I read this book I have been a big football fan. I know I should be for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as I live in Clearwater, Florida. But I can't help it -- the Detroit Lions still have a big place in my heart because they remind me of my Dad and the great food that my mother and I made up for the guys in our family.
Whether or not you're an NFL pro, we all have obstacles to surmount -- we all have a game day for which we need support and guidance. Coach Slowik provides motivation and inspiration for competitors of all kinds looking to gain an edge with his insight into positive leadership legacies, coaching clinics for professionals in all career stages, and detail about what life in the NFL is really like.
Success is not what you do for a living, success is how you live what you do.

Football is a lot like life and life is a lot like football. It's a finite period of time -- an opportunity. A chance to do the best job you can.


As Coach Slow says: Joy is a passion or emotion excited by the acquisition of good!

About the Author

A twenty-year career in the NFL, a member of a Super Bowl Championship team, and nine years as a defensive coordinator provided a unique perspective on leadership. A defensive coordinator reports to a head coach. The position therefore offers the vantage point of both a leader and a team member. This awareness lends the ability to impart lessons on how to lead with the understanding of what it’s like to be led – all under the bright lights of the big leagues. Over the course of his thirty-five-year football career, Bob spent time in the company of people at their best and at their worst. He saw how they responded to success and how they extended their humanity; on- and off-camera. His was that rarefied experience of life in the NFL. Bob and his wife Carol are the proud parents of four children: Ryan, Andrea, Bobby, and Steven.

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