Caught Dead Handed

Caught Dead Handed

A Witch City Mystery

The first in a series about Lee Barrett, who leaves Florida to return to her hometown of Salem, MA. She hopes to get her life on track with a new job. Her search takes her to a local television station where she stumbles into a murder of a woman who played a 'witch' who introduced the stations line up of scary movies. It's not easy to step into a dead woman woman's shoe -- especially when Lee discovers that she might actually have paranormal abilities. The cast of characters is fun -- especially the dead woman's cat whose name was Orion -- changed by Lee to O'Ryan. After all, she doesn't really believe in the paranormal. Or does she?

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About the Book

The first in the Witch City Mystery series finds Lee Barrett, complete with gypsy style clothing, obsidian crystal ball, taking over the job as psychic host on a local television program. Lee is not a witch and wasn’t even sure if she wanted to pretend one — but a job is a job and she hates to live off of her Aunt Ibby.

Before long, strange things begin to happen and Lee finds herself caught up in the mysterious murder of her predecessor. With a cat that belonged to the dead woman, Lee has a chance to use a long forgotten talent from her childhood. A touch of paranormal in the cozy mystery keeps the pages turning.

Genre: Cozy Mystery
Carol J. Perry was born in Salem, Massachusetts, on Halloween eve -- so every Halloween since Joy on Paper began she is a guest on Joy on Paper. Her knowledge of Salem gives her books an authenticity. She has walked those streets -- and can even imagine how a witch would see them from a broom.
– PatZi (with a Z)
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