Brad Meltzer – Escape with The Escape Artist

Brad Meltzer does it again! A great thriller...

I always enjoy a Brad Meltzer book -- whether one of his thrillers or one of his books for kids -- and this latest book, The Escape Artist, offers an intriguing glimpse into a subject that has always interested me: the Library of Congress. Why did the plane carrying the Librarian of Congress crash in a remote area of Alaska? 

This is the first book I have read where a mortician takes center stage.  “Zig” Zigarowski, who works at Dover Air Force Base applying his talents to re-building the remains of downed US Service men, finds himself drawn into a mystery when the body of a young woman is brought into the morgue. It should be the body of Nola Brown, US Army Artist in Residence, who was supposed to be on the plane with the Librarian of Congress. It's not. He knows because Nola was once a friend of Zig's daughter. So who is the woman on his table -- and what happened to Nola?

It is Nola's story that compels the story along. We learn a great deal about her troubled life as the story unfolds and Zig chases follows the clues that begin with a note he finds in the body of the unknown victim of the plane crash.

I had never thought about the important work carried out at Dover Air Force base to honor our heroes and I found it fascinating. As always Brad's knowledge of American history gives an added dimension to this thriller.

A Fun Way to Learn History

 Brad Meltzer's history books for kids are simply wonderful. Brad loves history and it shows in these books. His introduces kids to important figures in history who have  changed the world with their humanity and dedication to making the world a better place. They are always beautifully illustrated.

There are many books in the series -- they make great gifts for the children in your life and to donate to local libraries, shelters, and hospitals. Many people forget that hospitals need books for kids -- and your donations are so greatly appreciated by the staff and the children.

Interview with Brad Meltzer (03-08-2018)

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