Brad Parks – Closer Than You Know

A thrilling thriller.

I love this book! Brad Parks doesn't disappoint with this suspense thriller about a woman who is caught up in the a series of disasters. It was this woman -- Melanie Barrick -- who made this book so compelling. I like Melanie. I ached for Melanie when she finds out her son has been picked up by Social Services. I felt drained as the weight of the 'system' almost takes her down.

Parks certainly knows how to deliver an emotional wallop. I NEEDED to read the book to make sure that Melanie would be okay -- that things would turn around in her troubled life. It is a compliment to the author that he kept me turning the pages with plot twists and interesting characters as he built the tension to the end.

One of the characters is District Attorney Amy Kaye. I liked this dogged, dedicated D.A. and I have a feeling (let's say hope) that we will see her in another book soon. 

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