Brad Parks – Interference

Brad Park - Interference

I'm bloomin crazy about this guy! Really, truly! His writing is so much fun…it is like eating at Outback Steak House – delicious. The master of reveals, Brad Parks is a great writer and every time I get one of his books I just have to sit back and admire an author who is such a great storyteller. In his new book, Interference, we get a taste of a little bit of everything mystery, history, science, thriller. Just what you need to distract your mind. If you have one left after all this pandemicky thing -- I just combined pandemic with icky, which is how I feel about it.

Anyway, back to Interference where Matt Bronik, a brilliant professor of physics about to make a major scientific breakthrough that will be sure to win him the Nobel prize, disappears. Well, he disappears after he comes down with a mysteriously illness. Isn't that delicious? I love when people disappear. What foul play is afoot? There are lots of suspects and various intrigues including Chinese competitors, an unscrupulous billionaire, and even the United States Department of Defense. That's what I like about those onions -- one bite at a time. A very enjoyable book to savor. 


International bestselling author Brad Parks is the only writer to have won the Shamus, Nero, and Lefty Awards, three of American crime fiction’s most prestigious prizes.

What people are saying about Tristan Strong...

“A smart, innovative thriller that evokes the best of Michael Crichton and Blake Crouch. Parks proposes the seemingly improbable, makes it plausible, then weaves in twists and turns, taking the reader on a mind-bending ride.” —Robert Dugoni, New York TimesWall Street Journal, and Amazon bestselling author of the Tracy Crosswhite series

“Readers will fully engage with the well-drawn characters as Parks convincingly reveals the science that buttresses the suspenseful plot.” Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“A twisty tale…Parks’ suspenseful novel will beguile, entrance, and fool the sharpest readers.” Kirkus Reviews

“The mix of science and heart-pounding thrills will have you on the edge of your seat.” Medium

“Parks is an award-winning novelist with an admitted amateur interest in physics and the talent to craft page-turners. In Interference he takes science out of central casting to fuel an espionage-abduction-virus story that fans of Michael Crichton and Lee Child will ride to the end.” Mountain Times

“To be pleasurably bamboozled, try this nifty scientific thriller…” The Washington Post

“A cutting-edge stunner…that reminded me of Michael Crichton in all the right ways…It’s been awhile since I read a book that checked all the technological boxes, while telling a great story.” Providence Journal

Interference brings all the right ingredients to a novel! Brad Parks has created a story with a fascinating plot line and great characters—an up-all-night page-turner. I loved it!” —Heather Graham, New York Times bestselling author

“Utterly absorbing, relentlessly paced, and cunningly assembled. Brad Parks is the sort of master craftsman who makes everything look easy. I hate him a little bit.” —Marcus Sakey, Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Afterlife

About the Author

His novels have been published in fifteen languages and have won critical acclaim across the globe, including stars from every major prepublication review outlet. A graduate of Dartmouth College, Parks is a former journalist with the Washington Post and the Star-Ledger (Newark, New Jersey).

He lives in Virginia with his wife and two school-age children. A former college a cappella singer* and community-theater enthusiast, Brad has been known to burst into song whenever no one was thoughtful enough to muzzle him. His favored writing haunt is a Hardee’s restaurant, where good-natured staff members suffer his presence for many hours a day, and where he can often be found working on his next novel.

* Next time he is on Joy on Paper he is going to sing for us!

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