C. Hope Clark – Newberry Sin

Move over Leroy Jethro Gibbs, there's a new whiz investigator on the farm. Who would have thought that the US Department of Agriculture even has investigators? But, like all government agencies, they do -- and it makes for some interesting crimes with a different twist. 

This was a fun interview. I was so happy to discover that Hope has a South Carolina accent -- I would have been so disappointed if she sounded like a New Yorker.

C. Hope Clark's Newberry Sin is the fourth installment of  this mystery series featuring USDA Inspector Carolina Slade. An unlikely heroine, Slade has a new mystery to solve. Something stinks in Newberry and it's not just on the farm. What happened to a local  landowner who is found dead with his pants down. There are secrets underneath the idyllic veneer of this Southern town. 

When federal investigator Carolina Slade hears about the death, she hopes it is an opportunity to get her back in the field as a lead investigator. Instead she is sidelined by a jealous boss and is forced to do her sleuthing behind his back. With lots of twists and turns -- including a complicated private life -- Newberry Sin is a great read.

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She is the author of two mystery series: Carolina Slade and the Edisto Island mysteries.




Get Hope's latest book...

Then go back and start at the beginning of the series...

I love all these books -- and I look forward to seeing them on television one day soon! I always love to see how an author develops a character over the years... 

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