Christopher Zyda – The Storm

Christopher Zyda - The Storm

Two words came to mind after reading Christopher Zyda's The Storm: One Voice from the AIDS Generation - Indomitable Spirit.

I don't know if Chris owns a boat, but if he does, that would be a perfect name for it. Because Chris is an amazing person. This book is great on so many levels and there are so many reasons to read this beautiful love story about his first love, Stephen, who died of AIDS. It is an important story that tells about the 1980's in Los Angeles. It is an inspirational story of success in the business world. But mostly, it is a book that marks the birth of a great novelist.  

As I told Chris during our interview there was a point -- about half way into the book -- when I just stopped and I knew that I was reading something special. Many people write beautiful memoirs, ones that really touch your heart, but few of these authors will go on to write novels -- let alone great books. It was a little story that made me stop and think about the birth of a novelist. A simple story of a taking Stephen out for dinner. I will leave it to you to discover as you read about the struggles Chris faced as a young man who had to deal with dying and hospitals and insurances and family and friends. Many people collapsed under the responsibility of dealing with AIDS. Many people gave up. But Christopher Zyda is a special kind of guy -- he stepped up and he went at it like gangbusters. He needed to make money and he did what perhaps didn't come naturally, but soon took over his life. He entered the business world and came out a winner. A Big Winner. Anyone who rises to the level of being the Chief Investment Officer for Disney is amazing -- especially when he started off with visions of sitting on the beach writing novels.

This is an inspirational book about love and never giving up and living life fully. I am sure that this book will be turned into a film -- he has practically written the script with his writing that evokes so much emotion. It was an honor to talk to Chris -- I love to be in at the birth of a great novelist!

He was born in Los Angeles, which explains how he is able to make the city come to life with this compelling story set in the 1980s.

About the Author

Christopher Zyda is the CEO of Mozaic-LLC, an independent, privately owned firm that focuses on wealth management, family office and corporate advisory services. He has over 30 years of investment management and senior level corporate finance experience. He was the Chief Investment Office for The Walt Disney Company and worked with high-profile growth companies including ,, and eBay.

Chris started out life with the hopes of becoming a writer and earned a BA in English Literature from the University of California Los Angeles in 1984. When life threw him a curve ball, he stepped up to the plate and switched to a degree in business. He received his MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management in 1989 with a concentration in Finance and achieved Beta Gamma Sigma honors.

Chris serves on the UCLA English department Board of Visitors, the advisory board for the LZ-Grace Warrior Retreat for special operations warrior veterans and Tier 1 first responders, and the advisory board for Veterans in Media and Entertainment.

In addition to investments and finance, Chris enjoys training in CrossFit and Olympic lifting, running, skiing, river rafting, and playing the piano.


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