Crispin Boyer

Top Secret: Spies, Codes, Capers, Gadgets, and Classified Cases Revealed

Top Secret: Spies, Codes, Capers, Gadgets, and Classified Cases Revealed is a great book! 

I absolutely adore this book! It is supposed to be for kids -- well, good luck ti any kid trying to get my copy. I'm not giving it up! This book is so much fun and is filled with fascinating stories that will spark your imagination if you are a writer. Wow, there are several dozen story ideas in here.

Of course, kids will love it! So it is a perfect gift for any kid in your life. It will keep them fascinated for hours. As with every NatGeo Kids Book it is beautifully written -- Crispin Boyer is one of my favorite authors for kids books. Natuarally, as you would expect from National Geographic the photographs are gorgeous, the production value of the book is top quality. It is a book that will last for the ages.

There are so many suggestions for projects that kids can do and get involved in real hands-on-activities. From scavenger hunts to secret writing there are hours and hours of fun to be gotten from this book.

Suzanne Zimbler is the co-author of this great book.


About the Author

CRISPIN BOYER is the author of dozens of National Geographic Kids books and magazine articles. His specialty is making learning fun and humorous. All the NatGeo authors are wonderful!

He lives in Hawaii now -- but he used to live in a magical place called Xcalak, a small fishing village in Mexico, with his wife and a flock of hens, a turkey, two roosters, and a guard goose. So I call him King Crispin of Xcalak. 

He has written many wonderful books, including the Zeus the Mighty series. They are so much fun!

His 2013 cover story for National Geographic Kids magazine, Return of the Missing Lynx, won an Eddie Award for Best Single Article, Youth/Teen. The American Library Association chose his book This or That? as one of 2015's top picks for reluctant young-adult readers.

Don't wait..don't hesitate...

Buy this great book today!

Visit NatGeo Books for Kids

After you get Top Secret: Spy,
check out all their wonderful books
from NatGeo. They're great!


If you don't have a child in your life,
order a book and have it sent directly
to a children's hospital...they will find
a kid who will really love it!


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