David Bell – Somebody’s Daughter

Oh, oh -- a lesson in what it means to reap what you sow!

Yicks! That knock on the door that brings no good news is always fun. You know there is a problem to be solved and you hope that the author delivers the goods --you can almost feel yourself being sucked into a the story. Somebody's Daughter by David Bell doesn't disappoint.

You almost feel sorry for poor Michael Frazier when he opens the door and finds his ex-wife, Erica, standing there. She's smoking. Never a good sign these days. Her kid is missing. Surprise, her kid is his kid. Now, let's jump in and just enjoy this story. It's fun.

[As an aside, do men live in constant dread of what might turn up on their doorstep? Do they ever think about how bad it could get. Can you imagine some guy who opens the door over and over to find ex-girl friends and their little munchers standing there? Men -- really!!! Think about it before you take too much pride in those one night stands. It is sort of funny to think of it. Every few months a guy opens the door....oh, wow! Think of the child support. Think of the lawsuits. Think of supporting a dozen kids through college. It is really a funny idea. I might write a book about a man who runs away to a far far land to live in a jungle where he never has to open a door again. ]

In this pulse-pounding novel of psychological suspense from the USA Today bestselling author of Bring Her Home and Since She Went Away, a man must save the life of a little girl who just might be his daughter....

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