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I am NOT a dog person -- but the idea of Emma's dead husband, Jake, comes back to life in the body of their West Highland terrier is rather appealing.
When you can't take one more book with 'girl' in the title or one more political thriller that makes you have nightmares, then this is the perfect summer read. It's charming and perfect for the beach or the pool. Just chill out!
I wonder what dogs really think of us humans? 
Anyway, I am eager to speak to Debra Finerman. She's one of those authors who works are getting better and better.
Her first book, Mademoiselle Victorine: A Novel, was -- of course -- a book that I grabbed the minute it came out. I love everything French -- and French artists, in particular.
The story of Victorine Laurent, the model who posed Edouard Manet sensational painting Olympia, has always fascinated me.

Mademoiselle Victorine gives us a glimpse at life in nineteenth-century Paris.  An interesting first book from an author who obviously loves Paris and art.

Here is a link to an interesting article about the painting: CLICK HERE

Debra's second book is SHADOW WAR: The Resistance Fighters is a change of pace. Again she brings in her love for Paris and art by a book inspired by the plaques that are found around Paris honoring the resistance fighters. I have walked through Paris many times and have looked at these plaques...
It takes us into Occupied Paris, June 1940 when German tanks have rolled down the  Avenue des Champs-Élysées and the 'shadow war' to resist the conquerors began.  The Resistance Fighters’ Literary Club is a group of blacklisted writers and artists who plot their revenge on the Germans from the Balzac Bookshop on the Left Bank. Debra weaves an interesting story of two women S.O.E. agents, an American Embassy attaché and a beautiful French-Russian countess, who are tasked to smuggle an iconic French art masterpiece from under the noses of the thieving Nazis.
Another enjoyable read that takes us back in time.


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Get Debra's book...

Get Debra's book...

I love this book...

Get Debra's book...

Voila! A wonderful book for you to read this summer.

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