Dereck and Beverly Joubert

Curse of the Specter Queen

WOW! WHAT This beautiful book should be the gift book for every kid in your life! THE ULTIMATE BOOK OF AFRICAN ANIMALS is an amazing book!

I was raised on National Geographic Magazines -- they were my lifeline to the outer world. 

Because of NatGeo my childhood was filled with years of wonder -- and that resulted in me wandering the world. NatGeo books can really change hearts and minds. My love for animals -- especially giraffes -- is due to those wonderful magazines that we would wait for in my little rural community in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Life was better because of NatGeo.

That's why I want to tell all my listeners and followers -- give a gift that keeps giving....give The Ultimate Book of African Animals. It is beautiful, it will make you laugh and make you cry.....but mostly I hope that children around the world will learn the importance of protecting these gorgeous animals that are a part of the lives of two truly amazing people: Dereck and Beverly Joubert. 

This "Power Couple" is living the dream -- doing what they love! They are inspiring and the dedication they have put into raising the awareness of the need to protect wildlife is to be lauded. It was so much fun to talk to them -- and to hear about how they have shared their life of joy since they were teenagers. Truly an amazing story of love for each other and for the animals that fill their lives. Someone in Hollywood should make a series of their life...hopefully they will inspire the next generation to appreciate the beauty of wildlife and this Ultimate Book will make a difference.

About the Author

BEVERLY AND DERECK JOUBERT are award-winning filmmakers from Botswana and Explorers-in-Residence for National Geographic. Their work includes numerous documentary films, books, scientific papers, and many articles for National Geographic magazine.
I want also to mention SUZANNE ZIMBLER who is also an author of this book. She has spent more than a decade creating resources for teachers and writing and editing nonfiction content for kids.


Brimming with breathtaking and iconic National Geographic photographs on every page and loads of fascinating animal facts, readers discover how these animals live and eat, the challenges they face, and how to help protect them.


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