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Earth Avoidance & Our Disappearing Connection with Nature

It was so much fun to talk to Glenn L. Erickson about his newest book. I really enjoy 'speculative' fiction -- and Android Love is a fascinating peek into the future. Into a world where Androids become more -- dare I say - human. What will that mean for all of us? Glenn tackles this question and more with humor and sensitivity.

Marie is an Android -- but due to a flaw in the system -- she becomes so much more. No one can turn her off. No one can stop her from wanting to live a life free to be the person she wants to be. When she escapes from her creators, she is rescued by Richard, a truck driver. It has a Hitchcock-like feel -- an ordinary man caught up in an situation that sends him in a direction he never expected. Richard has to search within himself to come to terms with his feelings for Marie. Should he save her from the company that wants to 'fix' Marie, or should he follow his heart and help her stay free?

With a deft hand, Glenn Erickson handles the many questions about the future of AI and how humans will relate to each other and to the androids that are sure to populate our future world. Android Love is a fun read.

About the Author

Glenn L. Erickson is an engineer and businessman, who enjoys encouraging everyone to find the joy of writing.

He is currently developing a website.



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