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Rebecca Zook's Amish Romance Series (Book 2)

It was a JOY to chat with Granville Wyche Burgess about the 2nd book in his series: Rebecca Zook's Amish Romance.

Granville is such an amazing talent. Not only has he written two beautiful books about the life of a young woman in Amish country, he is also a talented playwright who has written some fascinating plays about American history.

The Rebecca Zook series is partly based on his own life -- he is married to an Amish woman. 

In the fictional series he has created, he brings to life the charm of Amish life and some of the challenges that they face in the modern world. His main character, Rebecca, faces a difficult choice -- should she continue to run the community's quilt shop or pursue her passion of being an artist? Life gets more complicated when she falls in love with a man outside her faith -- a man who seeks to uncover the secrets of his own family history. A secret that almost gets him killed.

Set in the peaceful Lancaster community there are undercurrents that make this book a fascinating read. You will find yourself pulled into this story With an attempted murder and an insurance scam , events are set in motion that will test Rebecca’s faith and her family’s future.

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You will enjoy browsing through his website.  He has a great blog, children's stories, and a fascinating look at the historical dramas that he has created. It is a really great website.


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