Guest Host – Peter Riva

Peter Riva - Guest Host on Joy on Paper

It's an honor that on March 24, 2020, Peter joined Joy on Paper as a Guest Host to bring a special message to all my listeners.

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To me Joy on Paper is a magic tapestry with golden threads that connect me to so many authors and their books. One of these threads is that my Dad fell in love with Peter's Grandmother - Marlene Dietrich - when she bravely went to the Front Lines of the Battle of the Bulge in WWII.

Please listen to Peter's great 'gig' as a Radio Host. He will inspire you!

You MUST visit Peter's website!

There is a short promo for Kidnapped in Africa with a video of baby elephants. I have watched it a dozen times and only wish that it would be longer...the African music and the baby elephants will put a smile on your face! Don't miss it. And then, get his books and walk in the footsteps of Mbuno, his African guide. It will make you a better person!




Tuesday & Thursday

A great read...

Peter's mother, Maria Riva, is a beautiful actress who wrote the definitive book about her mother, Marlene Dietrich.

Prequel to the story of Mbuno, African Guide

I love this book!

Book 1 Murder on Safari

Book 2 Berlin Package

Book 3 Kidnapped on Safari

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  1. SO SO SO lovely!!!
    Maria Riva is my
    Godmother and I was raised with Peter and his brothers. What a wonderful treat to hear his dear familiar voice tonight!!! Nice show!!

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