Haley Woolbright – Hindsight

Haley Woolbright - A Bright and Shiny Star is Born

ow! Since I started Joy on Paper five years ago I have experienced many wonderful things. I've interviewed over three hundred of New York Times best selling authors, ten Mystery Writer of America Grand Master, celebrities and sport heroes -- and even the US Poet Laureate. But this interview has to be one of my most amazing. I feel like Memphis DJ Dewey Phillips must have felt when back in 1954, he played Elvis for the first time on radio! I played Haley's song, Box Car, on a whim. And I'm happy I did. It was meant to be...W

I did not expect to have such a big response from my listeners -- they loved it. They asked me to play it again because they didn't quite catch the girls name or all the words, but they wanted to hear it again. So I played it again a few program later. Same reaction! It was my "Dewey" moment as I realized that Haley Woodbright is truly a bright and shiny new star on the horizon.

There is heart and soul in Box Car -- and I later discovered -- in her other songs on her album Hindsight. 

I predict big things for her. Haley -- a bright and shiny star -- will one day be on the stage for the Grammy awards. She's that good! And even better, she's a sweet girl, I hope she stays that way, And I hope one day to receive at ticket when she performs in front an audience of five thousand. I can see her now -- singing her song called Haley's Comet -- wearing a slinky, gold and silver beaded gown....

She's now on my morning playlist...she should be on yours.

About the Songwriter

Writing had always been a hobby and strength of Haley’s growing up, so once music was involved at the onset of learning to play guitar, she started dabbling in songwriting. Songwriting is what opened the floodgates to Haley’s musical endeavors, and it resulted in her beginning to make a name for herself around St. Louis by playing shows and booking any gig thrown her way.  Her first her full length album Hindsight was recorded at Sawhorse Studios in STL with local producer Chris Turnbaugh and released in November 2019.

Each song was written by Haley herself, and lyrically the album expresses the difficulties and realities of heartbreak, but also the light at the end of the tunnel when you choose to look back and grow from where you once were. Hindsight​ was made possible by a multitude of local musicians who took the bare acoustic bones of each song Haley had created, and breathed life into them, transforming the songs into fully produced tracks.

"My goal is to keep it real and authentic with any endeavor I pursue; sharing my heart through music is my main avenue for that goal.  I take what life throws at me and I make sense of it through song, writing about anything and everything that generates inspiration.  I love experiences and I love people, so the cool thing about music is you can connect with a total stranger or someone completely different from you when it comes to shared experiences, and I love using music to reach people and connect."  





Been stowed away on this boxcar for quite some time
We planned to ride it all the way from Maine to Anaheim
But things change and people do too....
I've seen so much beauty from inside this boxcar
but I'm headed down the rails again and moving on...









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