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Harlan Rector - I Matter

I wanted something special for my Christmas Eve program -- and I got it with my guest, Harlan Rector. I extended the invitation because I admire his book of caricatures, Once Upon a Corner in Detroit. A beautiful book with 65 caricatures of famous people that Harlan drew while working as a director of Detroit's largest ad agency. At noontime every day he would sit in on the radio program, Focus, and draw caricatures of the famous people who were guests.
I thought we would be talking about Detroit and this fascinating book that includes caricatures of Clint Eastwood, Jessie Owens, Carol Channing, James Earl Jones and many others.

Instead, we spent lots of time talking about his Christmas play, A Taste of Heaven: A Musical. It is the story of the man who took the last room in the inn and told through songs when an angel, Morty, is sent down from heaven. Harlan is hoping that this play will be turned into a major motion picture to help inspire people to find the true meaning of Christmas.

While working New York, Harlan was inspired to create, write, and produce L.I.G.H.T. (Living In God's Hands Today), a dramatic radio series based on true-life spiritual experiences of ordinary people whose lives were changed through the glory of God. It aired on faith-based radio stations where they won an Angel Award for excellence in broadcasting. They are now available as podcasts and have been made available to prisoners in many states.

If you know anyone who is struggling with drugs or alcohol or just life, give them this link. These program were designed to lift people from feeling alone or desperate -- and hopefully bring them the strength to change their lives.

Click here to hear L.I.G.H.T (Living in God's Hands Today).  

About the Author

One of the entertainment industry's best-known voiceover artists, Harlan Rector's unmistakable voice, has introduced some of the most popular movies, radio and television commercials, and videogames ever made. Additionally, Harlan was the signature voice of The History Channel during its first four years on the air from 1995 to 1999. Voiceovers were Harlan's second career.

As an art director and producer for more than 20 years, Harlan created ad campaigns and won awards for some of the largest agencies in New York, Detroit, and Los Angeles. His voiceover talent was discovered in LA when he voiced a demo for a Honda presentation. He left art directing, moved to New York, and the rest is voiceover history.

Today, Harlan resides in Florida, and at an age when most are enjoying retirement, he's going strong with more projects than ever. Harlan still does voiceover work in his specially-designed in-house studio, and he's also rediscovering his artistic roots, creating portraits with oils, pastels, and watercolors. He's an accomplished caricaturist having captured some of the most famous celebrity faces in the entertainment business.


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