Hector Macdonald – On Truth

What is Truth?

Are facts true? Anymore? Or ever? Is it black and white? Is it like Orwell’s Winston Smith: ‘There was truth and there was untruth.’

We are living in the time of fake news. Who knows what is real? 

Definition - fact - noun
1.  something that actually exists; reality; truth:
From Latin > factum something done, deed, noun use of neuter offactus done, past participle of facere to do1

In Truth: A User's GuideHector Macdonald explains how these so-called "competing truths" are used to both confuse and mislead us. Is some untruth good? Should the consumer, the voter, the governed always be told the truth and nothing but the truth?

With compelling and fascinating case studies, Truth is an engaging book that will profoundly influence the reader. You will look at advertisements differently. News segments take on new meaning. You will reassess the way you listen to politicians. Your eyes will be opened to exactly what it means to search for the truth.

Listen to Interview with Hector Macdonald (03-13-2018)

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I really enjoy Macdonald's thrillers. The Daily Mail called it: "Elegant and ingenious, it delivers exactly what it promises — a spy story in the grand tradition."

It is certainly that -- complete with an MI6 spymaster Madeleine Wraye, who has a sullied reputation. A mix of espionage and conspiracy centered on a group of men who want to make drugs legal, the story moves at a fast pace as Wraye calls in her former protégé, Simon Arkell, to help her solve a conspiracy that is uncomfortably close to home.


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