Jerome Preisler – Net Force: Attack Protocol

Jerome Preisler has another winner with Tom Clancy's Net Force: Attack Protocol

I knew this Net Force: Attack Protocol would be so good that when I received it, I took a deep breath, walked over to my desk and tore up my "To Do Right Now List" -- because I knew I wasn't going to do anything for the rest of the day -- and into the night!

I first met Jerome Preisler at a Bouchercon2019 in Dallas. We were waiting for a panel discussion to start and he reached over and handed me his book, the first in the revamping of Tom Clancy's Net Force series: Dark Web. It was a hefty thing at 698 pages! Since it was the last panel I was attending and I was heading out to the airport, I actually thought of not taking it. Until I read the first page. And couldn't stop. Soon I was running with the main character, Kali Alcazar to save the world from cyber attacks. (She's my kind of gal -- tough and uses judo to disable strong men.) And I mean running. That open scene through the streets of Malta is terrific!

I never listened to the panel discussion -- just kept reading -- in the Uber. At the airport, waiting for a plane that was delayed and finally re-routed through Houston. I didn't mind. I had THE BOOK and a new favorite author. .

Attack Protocol is even better. Smart. Lots of twists. Great characters -- Kali -- or Outlier as she has named here -- is back with some wonderful new additions to the group, including Laura and Mario. Not only do they offer a little romance amidst this story about the president’s new cybersecurity team, they take on important roles in the story that takes on a really bad guy, called The Wolf.

I love the setting in the Carpathian Mountains -- and the bad guy's bad guys are called vampiri. How cool is that!

The Net Force series was created by Tom Clancy and Steve Pieczenik. One is gone and one is rather a mystery -- but the writing is pure Jerome. He is a fine writer. His dialog is great and his ability to make even the most complicated techno stuff understandable makes him the King of Techno-Thrillers!

About the Author

Jerome is the prolific author. He's rather unassuming -- although he has plenty to brag about, including forty books of fiction and narrative nonfiction. And, by the way, all eight novels in the TOM CLANCY'S POWER PLAYS series were New York Times bestsellers!

NET FORCE:ATTACK PROTOCOL, released December 1, 2020, is the second novel in a relaunch the series co-created by Tom Clancy. A novella, NET FORCE: KILL CHAIN, was released in May 2020.

Some of his recent works of narrative history are CODE NAME CAESAR: The Secret Hunt for U-boat 864 During World War Two, and FIRST TO JUMP: How the Band of Brothers Was Aided by the Brave Paratroopers of Pathfinders Company.


Another great book by Jerome Preisler.....

Civil War Commando: William Cushing's Daring Raid to Sink the Invincible Ironclad C.S.S. Albemarle
"I…recommend that Lieutenant William B. Cushing, US Navy,
receive a vote of thanks from Congress for his important, gallant and
perilous achievement in destroying the rebel ironclad steamer Albemarle."

–Abraham Lincoln to Congress, December 18, 1864


Civil War Commando is a fascinating story of Will Cushing, the United States Navy's first naval commando -- the man who has been cited by historians at the inspiration for Star Wars' Luke Skywalker character. Cushing's attack on the unsinkable Confederate ironclad Albemarle is one of the "greatest feat of arms in American military history."
The author weaves a stunning account of this dramatic story of daring and personal revenge against an iron monster using primary source materials, contemporaneous journals, and archival military records. It is beautifully illustrated with photos, maps, and rare hand-drawn schematics not seen in over a 150 years. He brings to life Will Cushing's colorful life and career, and the groundbreaking naval tactics he developed that not only saved Abraham Lincoln's presidency, but were the foundation of the modern day Navy SEALs.
The audio version narrated by Pete Bradbury is great.

Visit Jerome Preisler's website...

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Get Civil War Commando

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