Jill D. Block – The Truth About Parallel Lines

Wow! Jill Block's first novel, The Truth About Parallel Lines, is a real treat and one that you shouldn't miss. I am always happy to talk to an author on the release date of their book -- especially when it is their first book. It is such an exciting day and I am happy to know that I will forever be a part of their life.

This is one of my favorite interviews as I had been looking forward to talking to ever since I read her short story, Safety Rules. I was is such a great short story that I was disappointed that it was not longer. I felt she could have gone on for another two hundred pages and kept me captivated with her writing. She's that good! (That short story is in the brilliant anthology, Alive in Shape and Color 17 Paintings by Great Artists and the Stories They Inspired,)

The Truth About Parallel Lines, is a great read. It is a story of three women that spans thirty years and proves that life  is complicated when lives running in parallel begin to intersect.  This is one of those rare immersive books that keep you turning the pages by weaving a story of compelling characters that touch just the right note. It is magical when a first novel feels so right -- so perfect.
The first line of the book is one you will never forget: "Holy shit. Your having sex with Mr. Peanut?
It is a debut novel that will having you asking, "Where has Jill Block been all my life?"

Get this book -- you are in for a real treat!
Here are a few teasers:

"Charming and utterly engaging, Jill Block’s debut The Truth About Parallel Lines will make you laugh and cry as her characters follow their dreams and then entice you to meditate on the intersection of truth and fiction in your own life." -Nina Solomon, author of Single Wife and The Love Book“A story that spans decades and is loaded with memorable characters and cinematic prose, The Truth About Parallel Lines haunts you in the best possible way. Navigating the arc of friendship through good times and bad, Jill Block’s powerful debut makes itself known from the first page. Don’t miss it.” -Alex Segura, acclaimed author of Blackout

"Her easy-going prose and linear structure act as a literary sleight-of-hand, hiding the complexity of one woman’s saga from college girl to middle-aged woman. Block manages to make the story of an ordinary life, rich with relationships that interweave, fray, connect and disconnect, but never quite run parallel, into something quite extraordinary." Sandra Block, author of What Happened That Night and Little Black Lies.


Jill D. Block is a New York lawyer. Obviously from her writing she has also been a great reader.
It was fun to meet Jill and her father, Mytery Writer of America Grand Master: Lawrence Block, at Bouchercon2018.


Jill's father is a favorite of mine....

Lawrence Block is a Mystery Writers of America Grand Master and a real sweetheart!

Jill is probably tired of being called a "chip off the old block" -- but she must be pretty proud to be the daughter of such a brilliant writer. Larry has been a great friend to Joy on Paper -- looking forward to his next inteview coming up in January.

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Listen to PatZi's interview with Jill on June 5th, 2018

Get Jill's book...

Read Jill's short story...

When you finish Jill's book, get Alive in Shape and Color - 17 Paintings and the Stories They Inspired. 

In this anthology Lawrence Block has gathered together some of the greatest authors, including Joyce Carol Oates, Lee Child, Michael Connelly, David Morrell, and Jeffery Deaver. Each was asked to select a painting that inspired them.  Jill's story is the first one in the book and was inspired by Art Frahm's Remember All the Safety Rules -- which she looks at every day because she owns it!


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  1. Just a terrific interview. I read the book and really liked it but I have to admit that I didn’t appreciate as many of the nuances as you delved into here, Joy! I may have to go back again and give it another read 🙂

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