LitGems with Jim Lamb

Literary Gems with Jim Lamb

Jim Lamb is a retired journalist living in the Tampa Bay area. He served in the United States Navy and attended the University of South Florida on the GI Bill, graduating with a double major in Mass Communication and Political Science. He worked for The Tampa Tribune and the Sarasota Herald-Tribune and is author of the book “Orange Socks & Other Colorful Tales,” a collection of stories about how he survived Vietnam and kept his sense of humor. Lamb is currently a student at Saint Leo University and is pursuing a master’s degree in Creative Nonfiction with an emphasis on writing about veterans and the military. For more information, visit

A breadcrumb…a nod…a wink…it could be a color…a song…ways to entice readers

It doesn’t have to be a bad guy…adding depth to your writing for readers to keep turning the page..

The VIPs….the Numero Uno of a story…people just like you and me….or not? Listen and find out…

Great authors use “Red Herrings” to distract readers from real clues and hard evidence. ..sending them on a wild goose chase that is both entertaining and engaging—

Words and numbers on a page…writ in love or burning rage… gurgling, burgling through our brains…happy sad pleasure pain….feeling sly through pencils, pens. Rhyming, chiming, now and then. Who brings these squiggles to our eyes? Friends with nimble lows and highs. squiggles on a page by js lamb

Jim Lamb - Featured in his hometown newspaper...

Area native refines “Literary Gems” for Florida radio show

Book Promo

A promo for Jim Lamb’s Orange Socks and other Colorful Tales – How I survived Vietnam and kept my sense of humor is a quirky, touching, and fascinating look at his war years as only someone with wit and good cheer could write them.

Jim Lamb's Book

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