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Joe Yogerst - 100 Parks 5000 Ideas...

Joe Yogerst has come out with a book that everyone can enjoy. I love this guy! He's brilliant. Not only did he find a career that he loves -- but he started planning for it from the time he was a little boy reading those lovely yellow National Geographic magazines. How clever is that?

You can spend hours reading his 100 PARKS 500 IDEAS - WHERE TO GO, WHEN TO GO, WHAT TO SEE, WHAT TO DO -- and then you will go back and start all over.

100 Parks 5000 Ideas is a fascinating adventure to 100 North America national, state and city parks. Each park is captured in glorious photos accompanied by fascinating stories and helpful travel ideas for planning your trip. There is park in this book for everyone -- whether you are in the mood for a scenic driver, a nature preserve, an archaeological experience, or just a place to sit on a rock and look out across a valley.

It is a perfect gift book: birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, retirement. These are the places that should be on everyone's Joy List -- a list of places you should visit to fill your heart and mind with beauty. We all have to work -- not all of us have Joe's great job -- but in our every day lives if we have these parks to think about, these parks to remember, then life will be just that much sweeter.

Fill your heart and mind with the glories of nature... 

We all have to be grateful for National Geographic which has led the way since its first publication in September 1888 to make people aware of the the need to preserve the natural treasures of this world...

Joe Yogerst is a talented author and editor. In 100 Parks, 5,000 Ideas you get to follow in his footsteps as you visit some of the most beautiful locations in North America: From the shores of Michigan's Isle Royale to Florida's Everglades and everything in between. There are vast places to explore like Yellowstone National Park and hidden treasures tucked in cities like New York's Central Park and Boston Commons -- and I particularly enjoyed the day-trip suggestions.

Top 10 lists throughout the book  highlight best-of destinations -- including panoramic views, beaches, monuments and more. The details provided are comprehensive and will make planning your trip fun and easy.

Joe's previous best-selling 50 States, 5,000 ideas.  is also a PERFECT GIFT BOOK. With these two books you are giving the gift of beauty and dreams. It is the best gift of all!

About Joe...

Joe actually gets paid to do what all of us would love to do: travel the world! As an editor, writer, photographer and speaker, he has lived and worked in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America.

His writing has appeared in Conde Nast Traveler, CNN Travel, Islands magazine, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Examiner, and the only newspaper I still read: the International Herald Tribune (Paris).  I still love that newspaper. When I lived overseas it was the newspaper that ex-pats read -- not just for the news, but also to see if we could figure out the coded messages sent in the classified section. 

In September 2019 Joe Yogerst will be the host -- and writer -- for National Geographic/Great Courses video series on America's state parks.



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Joe Yogerst - An Unexpected Wild West treat...

Joe has received four Lowell Thomas Awards from the Society of American Travel Writers, but I had no idea he was such a talented mystery writer. His book, Nemesis, is terrific. I just love it! (I also love the photo of him as a cowboy!) 

It's always fun to discover an author who can bring to life a place or time that is new to me -- and that is certainly the case of Nemesis. It came as a complete surprise to me that San Diego has a rich and colorful history. I didn't know that the hero of the OK Corral, Wyatt Earp, once lived in San Diego. Did you know that Earp lived until 1929 and was friends with the founders of the Hollywood film industry, including Cecil B. DeMille? 

Forget Deadwood, Dodge, and Tombstone, the biggest, baddest boomtown of the 1880s was San Diego, California. The attraction wasn’t gold or silver but cheap land, the promise of an oceanfront paradise where it never snows and rarely rains, and the too-good-to-be-true deals offered by local real estate merchants. In the wake of bona fide settlers came the hucksters, con artists, and snake oil vendors—so many flimflam men (and women) that those duped called the town “Scam Diego.” Abetting the crime and chaos was the nearby Mexican border, a convenient refuge for the rustlers, ex-Rebels, and banditos who floated back and forth across the unmarked frontier. 

Joe Yogerst has weaved a fascinating story in the tradition of westerns: two guys who were once friends find themselves after the same goal. U.S. Marshal Cradoc Bradshaw and San Diego Times reporter Nicholas Pinder were best friends when they were kids. But later in life they had a falling out -- over a woman, of course. Now they are enemies and find themselves chasing a killer who is knocking off the town’s movers and shakers. As the bodies pile up, it becomes a question of which one of the old friends will solve the case -- and whether or not they can be friends again.

I particularly enjoyed the bonus chapter, Historical Postscript - Nemesis: Truth vs. Fiction. 

A Western mystery with twists and turns...

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