K J Howe – Skyjack Grabs You

Thea Paris is a winner...

Wow! KJ Howe's new book, Skyjack, will grab you so quickly that you might feel kidnapped. You won't be able to put the book down...you won't be able to move. No one can negotiate to get you to put it down and make dinner or do the dishes. You just mumble, "Order a pizza! I'm being held hostage by this book...."

Hours later you put the book down and just say, "Wow! I love Thea Paris. When is the next book coming out?"

Thea Paris is a fascinating character created by a very talented writer. Just as we were once captured by Jason Bourne, we feel that Thea Paris is now a part of our life. She's gutsy and smart, but also has a vulnerability that makes her realistic. There are depths to Thea's personality that make her intriguing as a person and believable as a hostage negotiator with an organization called, Quantum. 

It was fascinating to get a peak into the kidnap and ransom (K&R) industry. Who knew it was an industry? KJ Howe builds intense suspense as she takes us on an exciting journey that involves a complex skyjacking, secret agencies and brutal attacks on innocent people. 

It was fun to talking to KJ Howe about Skyjack. 

By the way, I love the cover! 

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A recent guest to Joy on Paper has something to say about this great book:

"Another sensational Thea Paris adventure...starts at 600 mph (literally) and never slows down. Full of dense, twisty, informed plotting and real, compelling characters. Howe is a keeper!"

 Lee Child, #1 internationally bestselling author of the Jack Reacher Series 

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