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PatZi & Kim about her publiity company

This is the second part of my interview with Kim Dower on September 12, 2019. In this interview we talk about her publicity company, Kim-from-LA.

The first part of our interview about her poetry is here.    CLICK HERE

Publicist Extraordinaire!

Every author needs a great publicist. Whether you are published by one of the big houses or you are self-published, you expected 'build your platform' and to get out there and sell, sell, sell.

But it's not easy. Even the most famous authors struggle to get noticed in a market that has changed so much over the past few years.

That's why I am so impressed with Kim Dower, the owner and founder of Kim-from-L.A. -- a literary and media service company.

I get at least ten books a week from the major publishers. Every time I go into the studio there is a huge pile of thick brown envelopes. Occasionally a box. Some of the authors are famous, some not yet. The publicists include a fact sheet for me -- which I never read -- and that's about it. They will send me an email confirming receipt of same.

Among the pile will be one or two envelopes that will stand out. They will be in priority mail envelopes and have a colorful return address label. I know when I open an envelope from Kim that there will be a personal note from her. There will probably be a sticky note on the cover of the book with a funny face. She wants to grab my attention. She wants me to know that she really cares about the author and wants me to help promote a book that she is sure I will like. How does she know? She's checked out my website. She's done the groundwork. Then she will follow up with a personal email -- not the form fact sheet. If I don't respond quickly enough, she will contact me again -- and again. She doesn't give up!

Kim Dower is the epitome of what a great publicist should be....eager to promote her clients and clever about generating interest in a book.

Check out her impressive client list -- and if you think that your book is "Kim Worthy"  then contact her.

If your book is "Kim Worth" go here...



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