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PatZi & Kim about her poetry...

This is the first part of an interview that I had with Kim Dower on September 12, 2019. In this interview we talk about her poetry.

The second part of the interview was about her company, Kim from LA. Here is the link to that interview.   CLICK HERE

Quirky, fun, touching -- Kim's poetry is fantastic

It was a joy to talk to Kim Dower about her latest book of poetry: Sunbathing on Tyrone Power's Grave. She read three of her poems from this delightful book. whic is dedicated to one of my favorite poets and her first poetry teacher, Thomas Lux.

This is her fourth book and is filled with poems that are sure to inspire, to make you think, and to give you delightful images, or just touch your heart. She has the wonderful ability to take every day moments and see the poetry in them. Sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking, Kim's poetry touches that inner core that connects all of us. Life is filled with moments to savor and to remember and as you read the poems in this book you will run through the gamut of emotions...from silliness to sadness, from darkness to humor.

...these poems bravely imagine another life beyond the one we all know where even the angels surrounding the graves are wearing bikinis, smoking Kool Lights.

Kim Dower is a New Yorker -- who didn't learn to drive until she moved to LA. With her deft handling of everyday events, she turns parallel parking into a poem. 

Her first collection, Air Kissing on Mars was published by Red Hen Press in 2010 and appeared on the Poetry Foundation's Contemporary Best-Sellers list. The Los Angeles Times called it "sensual and evocative . . . seamlessly combining humor and heartache."

Kim teaches in the BA Program at Antioch University Los Angeles. Her poems have appeared in such prestigious publications as:  PloughsharesThe Seneca ReviewRattleBarrow StreetEclipse, and Two Hawks Quarterly. Two of the poems in Slice of Moon were finalists for the Rattle Poetry Prize. She is also a nominee for the Pushcart Prize

Her publicity company, Kim-from-L.A., is one of the best in the business with an impressive client list and a record of successfully launching the careers of many authors.



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Kim's 2nd book...

O Magazine called Slice of Moon:
“Unexpected and sublime.”

Thomas Lux

If you haven't read the poetry of Thomas Lux, you are in for a treat. He has been described as a poet who captures the absurdity of life. He also celebrated the beauties of life -- often reflected his boyhood on the family farm, although he himself lived most of his life in cities.

One of my favorites is a poem called: Refrigerator 1957. In this poem, as in much of his work, he takes a moment in time -- the opening of a refrigerator door -- to tell a story. When you finish reading it you will be surprised at how he turns something so simple into a 'mind film' that you will never forget. I don't know if I have just coined a new phrase -- but I like it. A poem should be a 'mind film' -- one in which the images are so real, we feel like we were standing there in the poet's shoes.

Thomas Lux’s death at the age of seventy on February 5, 2017, came as a shock to his friends in the many places in which he lived and taught and to his worldwide readership.

Here is a link to Refrigerator 1957: CLICK HERE


Words are a joy...

One of the joys of life is to see your words on paper -- or to hear them in an Audible book or even -- sometimes put to music.

Here is an interesting take on the Refrigerator 1957 -- it's rather fun...

Refrigerator 1957 - As a song...

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