Leslie Carroll – American Princess

The Love Story of Meghan Markle & Prince Harry

Leslie Carroll was one of the first guests on Joy on Paper. As every listener knows I love history -- and Leslie's historical novels are among the best. Her Marie Antoinette Trilogy is on the shelf behind my desk and I enjoy picking it up occasionally and re-reading passages.

I was so thrilled to discover that she was asked to write a behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming royal marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. 

As someone who knows history, Leslie has the insight into what it means for a commoner -- and an American -- to step into one of the oldest royal families with traditions that go back almost a thousand years. 


This will be a fun interview. IAmerican Princess, Leslie Carroll writes about Meghan's bi-racial background and about the Windsor family with all their traditions. With her in depth know.edge of roayl marriages, Leslie will share never-before-seen glimpses into the little-known life of the woman bringing the Royal Family into the 21stcentury. 

When not writing, Leslie is also an accomplished actress. It is always delightful to talk to her about her stage career and her New York background. 


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Listen Live on TuneIn

Tuesday, April 17th

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