Linda Tincu Peno – Quiet Refuge

So happy that Linda Tincu Peno will join me in the studio on October 4th to talk about her first book, Quiet Refuge.

Abi Fairchild lives in the racial turbulence of 1964 Alabama. She and her friend Becca hear about a missing girl and decide to investigate. What they find is far more sinister than anything they imagined, and soon they are running for their lives, trying to make it home alive. Meanwhile, Abi's Uncle, Sheriff Wesley Johnson, discovers she escaped the tornado that ripped through the school, but now an enemy of his is stalking her, seeking revenge. Wesley races against the clock, searching for the missing teens while trying to keep the town calm, afraid that misplaced vigilante justice has organized a lynching against an innocent target. 

Quiet Refuge is a mystery suspense thriller set in historical Alabama. It follows Sheriff Wesley Johnson and his niece Abi, as they each investigate the death of a girl on their own while facing a town that is determined to lynch what might be an innocent man.


Linda Tincu Peno is a Michigander and -- like so many of us who grew up in rural Michigan -- developed a lifelong love of books. We cherish the memories of long summer days spent in trees with the breeze coming off the lake. In those glorious days we would travel to worlds far away and dream of one day writing a book.

I am eager to find out how she developed this story which is set in a small fictitious Alabama town during 1964 and the obvious social injustice of the times, which serves as a backdrop for this page-turning thriller.

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