Lisa Brennan-Jobs – Small Fry

A tour de force for a brilliant new author

I enjoyed talking to Lisa Brennan-Jobs her amazing book, Small Fry.

When I say amazing, I mean really amazing. One might say it blew me away -- or at least, it blew me all the way to California. I started humming Leaving on a Jet Plane. Her writing is compelling and her observations of  Silicon Valley during the 1970's and 80's are fascinating. 

Small Fry is a memoir by the eldest daughter of Steve Jobs,  who everyone knows created Apple computer and changed the world.  It is also a complex mother-daughter story as Lisa describes the ups and downs of life with a single mother who struggled to keep a roof over their heads. Steve Jobs, who had initially denied being Lisa's father, rarely had anything to do with her during the early years of her life.  

It reads like a brilliantly conceived novel. A heartbreaking story of a confused young girl who wanted to be loved by a father who was deeply flawed and indifferent or careless in how he talked to her. It is a lesson in how words spoken can hurt -- and words not said can leave a lifelong scar.

It is a shame that he didn't live long enough to discover that his eldest daughter turned out to be a very fine writer. She handles the story of her life and the father who once denied her with amazing maturity and compassion. It is a book that will have you stop and appreciate your life and a reminder that neither genius nor wealth make a man great.

“Entrancing... Brennan-Jobs is a deeply gifted writer… Her inner landscape is depicted in such exquisitely granular detail that it feels as if no one else could have possibly written it. Indeed, it has that defining aspect of a literary work: the stamp of a singular sensibility… Beautiful, literary, and devastating.”New York Times Book Review

I am looking forward to the day she writes her first novel.

“Mesmerizing, discomfiting reading…A book of no small literary skill.”New Yorker



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