Lorelei Confer – Christmas Awakening

A Christmas Romance

It was so much fun to talk to Lorelei Confer and Carol J. Post about their books for Christmas.

I interviewed them together, so I have done a page for each of them.

I just love Lorelei's name. The perfect name for a romance author.

On a cold evening in Florida -- a rather rare occurrence -- I sat down with a cup of tea and ginger cookies for a fun read.

Christmas Awakenings is a collection of four short stories that are perfect for this special time of year. A Star Bright is a story of a young family late with their mortgage payment. Something many of us experienced at least once in our lives. I was particularly touched by Christmas Promise -- a story about a newlywed soldier recently returned from Iraq...it brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. Each of the stories will make you think and make you appreciate the important things in life. Great job, Lorelei! This is a perfect Christmas gift....

A Saddle Creek Christmas is part of a continuing series about four childhood friends, now grown men, who find their plans for Christmas plans interrupted by unexpected problems.

I love how Lorelei is able to write so beautifully from a man's point of view. Her characters are strong and she makes us want to get to know them through all her books .

Bravo! This is a touching story about the true meaning of Christmas -- and a confirmation that there really are Christmas Miracles.




About the Author

Lorelei Confer wrote her first story in the fourth grade in the form of a play, which actually was produced by the teacher for parents and students. She continued writing and majored in English in College. She practices everyday to improve her craft.

She lives in with her husband and AJ, a long haired Chihuahua.

In 2010, she had her first novel published, Deadly Deception, the first in her Deadly series involving Human Sex Trafficking. When she is not working on upcoming novels, she spends time with her husband and two grown boys and their families, including a granddaughter and two grandsons. She loves suspense novels, coffee, and the great outdoors.



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