Lori A. Paige – The Gothic Romance Wave

The Gothic Romance Wave

A Critical History of the Mass Market Novels, 1960-1993

I really enjoyed reading Lori A. Paige's The Gothic Romance Wave --  it is one of those wonderful books that sends you down a road that is filled with lots of interesting paths along the way. It's a fun road, but a little dangerous -- you want to read all the books she mentions and forget about the laundry and the dirty dishes!

Professor Paige has created that rarity -- a scholarly book that is fun to read. Her enthusiasm for reading Gothic Novels and encouraging new readers to the genre is delightful. 

Whether you are a reader or a writer, you will find this book fascinating -- you will learn more about some the great authors in the genre like Victoria Holt (my favorite), Anne Rice and Stephanie Meyer. Professor Paige also write about the publishing  business and gives insight into the psychology and themes that made Gothic Novels so popular with millions of readers.

The cover art of mass market Gothics, affectionately referred to as, "woman running from houses" -- usually in a diaphanous white dress with a light in a tower window...someone is watching...

After reading hundreds of Gothic Novels for her research, Professor Paige decided to jump in and write one of her own -- and she has done a great job of Lori's vampire-themed Gothic:  Julius: Heart of Iron: A Victorian Vampire Romance.  It is set in the 1830s and tells the story of Eleanor Travels who discovers that her uncle has made an arrangement for her to marry a rather creepy, unpleasant fellow.  

Well, have no fear. This is a Gothic Novel and along comes an attractive suitor she later learns is a vampire. Oh, well, nobody expects perfection. Anyway  Julius: Heart of Iron is currently available for a limited time free on Amazon.  Go ahead and get it -- it's something to sink your teeth into....

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The Author

Lori Paige is an associate professor and chair of the English Department at American International College in Springfield, Massachusetts. An enthusiastic admirer of the Gothic genre, she teaches courses in British and vampire literature.

One of the classes she teaches is Vampire Literature -- and she is so dedicated to the subject that during recent Halloween season, she took her honors program students on trips to Salem, Massachusetts to the site of the Witch Trials and a tour of The Witch House.

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After reading hundreds of Gothic novels, Lori decided to write one of her own...
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