Mark LaPorta – Probability Shadow

A space opera for adults

Probability Shadow is Book 1 of Mark LaPorta's new series: Against the Glare of Darkness.

It was fun to talk to Mark last year about his trilogy: The Changing Hearts of Ixdahan Daherek. I thought it was a wonderful read and admire Mark's ability to create a world filled with characters that capture the imagination with depth and humor. Later I read that Kirkus Reviews called the first outing a "fabulous read"and "an irresistible blend of wonky science and heartfelt storytelling." So true!

Mark's new series is a space opera for adults that takes us to a universe near collapse.

As we are drawn into the story I am again impressed with Mark's ability to create a compelling story with new worlds peopled by fascinating characters. From the first page I was drawn into his world. Where is Grashard? Who is their first Ambassador, Ungent Draaf? What is he? Why does he have a bulbous, exoplated body? And is there really anything to this sublight speed idea?

Wow! It is almost overwhelming. Mark's mind needs to be studied -- perhaps by some interplanet explorers. Or perhaps he is an interplanet explorer! Where does he get these ideas? I don't know, but it is sure fun to read this book. It's like getting sucked into a vortex...I love it!

Ambassador Ungent Draaf will become a new favorite character as he attempts to draw together from across the galaxy the most unlikely group of misfits since Star Wars: humans, symbiotes, mutants, androids and the ghostly remnants of a vanished civilization in order to overcome the evil plans of the conquering Quishiks. Wow!

Here is an example of why this book will intrigue you:

Plaandrur Quishik Hlalkurh was beside herself. She'd lost all contact with her previous incarnations! Might the dark Prophesy of the Three Ships mentioned in the Shlaldre Glalcaniar be soon fulfilled?

Well, I didn't know. But I sure wanted to find out. When you find yourself caring about characters named Ungent, Shol, Yaldrint and Dlalamphrur, you know that you are reading the work of a very talented author.

Listen to my interview with Mark about the Probability Shadow.

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