Mary K Jensen – Rudy’s Rules for Travel

I love this little book. Rudy's Rules for Travel: Life Lessons from Around the Globe is a collection of delightful stories about the travels of two indomitable adventurers. Mary K. Jensen writes lovingly about her husband, Rudy, and his unique view of traveling. He had rules...and discovering them is one of the joys of this book.

As you travel with Rudy and Mary you will find yourself itching to pack your bags and head for the places that come alive in Mary's skillful hands.

As Mary says, "Traveling with Rudy was not easy." But it certainly was fun and exciting. Rudy, who wasa veteran of WWII and a school principal, lived for the adventures that took them beyond the beaten tourist path. Whether on a quest for family history or an exotic trip to Bali, Rudy always traveled with the optimism of a man who believed that there was always something interesting around the corner and someone who will lend a helping hand. 

It is fun to read about what it was like to travel in the 20th gosh, almost twenty years ago -- when there was no GPS, no cell phones and Google maps. 

“A delightful, engaging memoir of trips and tribulations as a security-loving wife travels with her fearless husband. Throughout their travels Rudy follows his basic rules, including ‘ride with locals, not tourists’; ‘never shower alone’; and ‘relax, some kind stranger will appear.’ These rules play out in experiences that most tourists miss, from a half-price elephant ride in Thailand to a Christmas non-celebration in Russia and a night on a hammock in Mexico. A must-read for anyone who travels, and especially for couples who travel together. You may see your trips differently after you read this endearing book.”

—Kay Paumier, President, Communications Plus

"This is not another simple travel book, for Jensen achieves the deeper texture of great writers, as the facts spill out about Rudy, charged to see people in the world beyond tourist traps, and her attempts to match him, while pleading for a night in a real hotel. So we get one gleeful voyager, and the narrator, not so eager. Whether she recounts their madcap tour to 1983 Russia, or takes us to Rudy’s World War II bomber base, her insights into the metaphysics of travel make this memoir sing. Travel, this book reveals, is the profound test of a purposeful life."

—William Woodson, Ph.D., English Literature Specialist, Dean of Graduate Studies now retired, Illinois State University

"Among the reasons people ride on roller coasters are experiencing thrills and surprise and testing personal boundaries, but, unlike traveling independently overseas, roller coasters are basically predictable. Mary K. Jensen, while crafting warm, vivid pictures of the places she and her fearless husband, Rudy, visited, makes it possible for us to feel what it is like to be pulled along, always wondering what’s coming next on trips to new destinations. While rewarding readers with insights gained from the encounters that she and Rudy had, this book inspires stepping into the unknown."

—David Tykol, Editor of International Travel News

"Mary K. Jensen’s delightful writing hooks you into each chapter, making you laugh out loud at her observations and humor. I would have liked to spend my vacations with these two travelers, but I am glad I could at least take these journeys through her writings. "

—Cathy Chase, Author of Jump

“This intelligent and entertaining memoir, Rudy’s Rules For Travel, has fun with the lifetime perambulations of Mary and her late husband, a World War II airman who had faced the terror of death on an almost daily basis, and survived. Rudy came out of this character-shaping experience with both a zest for living and a fearless attitude. Their travels followed Rudy’s rules, the most important of which was —to trust in the kindness of strangers. This memoir is an insightful record of humane interactions and a hilarious account of their journeys, with a laugh on almost every page.”

— Charles B. Churchill, Ph.D. historian and author, Adventurers and Prophets and Through the Needle’s Eye: Elite Rule and the Illusions of Freedom


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