Max Allen Collins – MWA Grand Master

Max Allen Collins

Wow! Pow! I wanted to start off 2021 with a BANG -- so there was no one better than Max Allen Collins! What a treat to talk to an author whose books are among my favorites! Part of the fun of reading is traveling back in time and going places -- and the adventures of the Private Eye to the Stars, Nathan Heller, take us on a whirlwind tour of the United States and cover the highlights of American 20th Century History. 

Max is the 11th Mystery Writer of America Grand Master (2017) to be a guest on Joy on Paper! 

I moved from England to the United States in 1983. Just in time for the first book of the Nathan Heller Series, True Detective. Having lived out of the States for a number of years, I had to get back in the groove and this book was a start with its setting in Chicago. So American. Welcome to the mob! I loved the book and became an immediate fan. This series started off with a bang and won the Shamus Award from the Private Eye Writers of America. 

Over the years the books take readers through myriad crime scenes across the country, including the Lindberg kidnapping (Stolen Away), Huey Long's corrupt state of Louisiana (Blood and Thunder), and even Hawaii where Nate helps his friend Clarence Darrow (Damned in Paradise).

About the Author

Little did Max Allen Collin's mother know when she read him Dick Tracy comics that one day her little sweetheart would take over the series created by Chester Gould and write the comic strip for fifteen years. Life can be amazing! If she had read him the Constitution, well, little Max might have become the President. Who knows?

Born in Iowa, Max has remained a mid-Western guy. Although after the success of his graphic novel Road to Perdition (which was developed into a film in 2002), he could have gone Hollywood.

One of the highlights of his his long writing career is that he had the JOY of working with the legendary the mystery writer Mickey Spillane. It must have been a dream come true! They worked together on a comic book series in the 1990s called Mike Danger. Upon Spillane's death in 2006, Collins was entrusted to finish several uncompleted works by Spillane including Dead StreetThe Goliath Bone, and The Big Bang.


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Max has a great and filled with lots of interesting glimpses into his life.


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Do No Harm -- do yourself a lot of good and get this book!
You know the story of the one-armed doctor accused of killing his wife back in 1954. You've seen the movie. BUT YOU DON'T KNOW THE WHOLE STORY -- until you read about how Nathan’s old friend Elliot Ness calls in a favor and asks him to dig into the case. What does Nate discover? Find out in this page-turning adventure of the Private Eye to the Stars.


The first Nate Heller adventure...

The Shamus Award winning book that started the series.

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