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Neel Mullick - A Golden Thread in the Tapestry that is Joy on Paper

It is always a JOY for me to find a new author -- especially on the release of their first book. Neel Mullick's Dark Blossom is the beginning of what I predict will be a brilliant career. 

There are so many things I love about Dark Blossom.   Neel handles this drama with amazing deft and talent as he slowly reveals the inner emotions of his characters. At first it seems to be a book about the tragedy of a traffic accident that sends an ex-pat, Sam, into a deep depression for which he seeks help from a psychiatrist named Cynthia.  The story of this doctor-patient duo draws us into a rich and complicated story as Cynthia's daughter, Lily, takes on a major role in the story. 

The story is intricately designed like a perfectly designed motherboard. It is both simple and elegant. For a first time author, Neel has neatly hidden hints of the true depth of the story. It is not just a story of a man who is struggling to overcome the loss of a wife and child. There are depths that keep you intrigued right to the surprising, and unexpected, ending.

It was so much fun to talk to Neel about Dark Blossom and also about a passion that we share -- the education of girls. When I was seven we moved from the country to the big city where I discovered my first library. It changed my life. As I read my way through shelf after shelf, my eyes were opened to the world. It is always sad for me to think of children not having the joy of books, so I was pleased to discover that Neel is involved in helping educate women. He mentors women through the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, an organization that works to educate a new generation of leaders. Go to Neel's website to read more about his amazing work.

When you are on his website, check out his "Win Trip 2 NY" contest. It's a clever idea and one that I hope more authors will embrace.

A brilliant new author is born...

Sometimes it is a mistake to judge a book by its cover. An example of that is Nancy Peacock's The Life and Times of Persimmon Wilson. When she first published the book it had a terrible cover. Luckily she won the Writers Digest self-published book contest and a big publisher re-issued it with a beautiful cover.

In the case of Dark Blossom - you can judge the book by the cover and title. It is a very clever. It sends the message that life is beautiful and it can blossom anew, while the disjointed lettering suggests that things don't necessarily end where we want them to end. 



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Buy Dark Blossom's a great read.

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Do take a few minutes to look at Neel's website. He has lots of photos and videos, including one of an adorable baby.


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A rose by any other name...

Readers are getting more and more sophisticated and don't necessarily hesitate to buy a book with a name that is unfamiliar. But, some do -- and I want to ask you all to be a bit more open about names. One of my favorite books is written by another Indian author, Lavanya Sankaran. Her book, The Hope Factory, is a fantastic book. Great authors are the ones who capture humanity in all its shapes and forms. One should not limit oneself to reading books by authors whose names are familiar. Everyone can't be named Lee Child. In fact, Lee Child is not named Lee Child. 

Neel has lived on three continents and has a deep understanding of human emotion. Few men, let alone a man from another country, could write so convincingly in the voice of an American woman psychiatrist. He's a real talent and not only will you Deep Blossom, you will remember the ending forever. So read the book now, before they make a film of it -- then you can tell all your friends that you "discovered" Neel Mullick. Remember his name: Neel Mullick. It will look great on the big screen.

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