Nicholas Guy Smith Reads The Storm over Paris

William Grubman's The Storm over Paris is a real winner..

Nicholas Guy Smith

Several months ago William Grubman was on the program to talk about The Storm over Paris, his fascinating historical novel set in Occupied Paris in 1942. It was interesting to talk to him about finding the joy of writing, his background in art, and his research for this book.

When he mentioned that he had gotten Nicholas Guy Smith to be the narrator for the Audible version, I was thrilled. I am Nick's biggest fan! He did the brilliant narration for Amor Towles' A Gentleman in Moscow. When that book was released Nick joined Amor for a joint interview -- so I think I will start a new tradition -- whenever Nick narrates a book I will invite him and the author to do a joint interview on Joy on Paper.

In the case of The Storm over Paris, Nick has a rich and suspenseful story to bring to life. Mori Rothstein is an internationally-admired Jewish art dealer, who is caught up in the Nazi Occupation in 1942. Nick brings to the reading a sublime understanding of the compelling story of the Rothstein family. To keep his family alive, Mori is forced to work for Field Marshall Hermann Goering, to keep his soul alive he is determined to outwit the head of the Gestapo. He comes out with a dangerous scheme that will either destroy the family or bring them closer together. Under the watchful eyes of the Nazi occupiers they risk their lives. Will they survive? Nick's voice keeps us engrossed in the story to the very end.

Nick is not just a narrator, he is not just a voice-over artist. Nick is a Voice Actor. He puts passion into his reading. It's amazing how -- with a simple inflection of his voice -- he can paint such a vivid picture. We can imagine how his eyes twinkle or a smile forms at the corner of his lips when he comes to a beautifully written passage about the color of sky or the flowers. We can imagine how his jaw tightens as he reads of the evils of the occupation.

This is the first book in William Grubman's Trilogy about the Rothstein Family. I am eagerly awaiting the next installment.

The Storm Over Paris won the 2019 Indie Reader Discovery Award in Mystery/Thriller/Suspense and was a finalist for the 2019 National Indie Excellence Award.

There are probably some people sitting around the pool at the Beverly Hills Hotel, who are already planning to turn this intriguing story into a streaming video. Let me know which actors you would cast to star in the film. (Go to my Facebook page: @radiojoyonpaper)  Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to being invited to Hollywood for the launch party!

"This gripping tale never moves its lens from individuals. . . The Storm over Paris is a taut historical thriller brimming with heart and darkness."  -- John M. Murray

About the Author

William Ian Grubman is an artist, art collector, and philanthropist, and co-founded the Dream Street Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides summer camping programs for children with life threatening and chronic illnesses.



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