Owen King – Double Feature

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Owen King - Double Feature

Sometimes you just like a character immediately. That was how it was with me when I started reading Owen King's Double Feature.

There was immediately something about Sam Dolan that I liked -- or at least made me want to know him. My original interest in the book was because I have experienced the joy and frustrations of filming and Indie film. So right there, I was ready to sympathize with Sam. Is he in over his head? Yes. But then when you are excited about a project, you don't always see that...especially when you are dealing with lots of angst because of family and relationships.

Of course, in Sam's case, it is his difficult relationship with his father, Booth Dolan, a B-movie actor, who takes the spotlight. He can't help himself -- Booth (don't you love that name?) is bombastic and dogmatic and a truly annoying, but fascinating, lothario.

An impressive array of characters people this book. Much like those gathered in an old black and white movie. No one is throw-away. It is, as one reviewer, mentioned -- delicious. So many characters to love or hate. And it is all described with sly wit or outright silly humor.

For me the glimpses of behind the scenes look at financing and producing a film were particularly fascinating.(I love how in old movies the lowliest character had a bit of dialog -- nowadays you have to make sure you DON"T give them dialog and let them just provide the atmosphere and not the hot air.)

About the Author

Owen King is married to very talented author, Kelly Braffet, They have a daughter and live in beautiful Upstate New York. .
He is the author of We're All In This Together: A Novella and Stories, co-wrote the novel Sleeping Beauties with his father, Stephen King. His work has appeared in The New York Times Book ReviewThe Los Angeles Review of BooksPrairie SchoonerSubtropicsLady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet, and One Story.
His short story, That Golden Way appears in Lawrence Block's recent anthology, The Darkling Halls of Ivy.

People are talking about Owen's book...

"Owen King has spun a story with great compassion and humor. And in examining the creative process, it's also horrifyingly accurate." -- Bill Hader, Saturday Night Live

"Wonderfully, organically funny. Owen King has a gift." -- Dave Barry

"Double Feature is a many-headed comic monster. Its concerns are varied; it’s hilarious first and foremost, but it’s also a heartbreaking and poignant meditation on the vagaries of art. The sweep of the novel is epic.", Los Angeles Review of Books

"Tartly delicious." -- Tampa Bay Times

“[An] ambitious and warmhearted first novel…King writes with witty verve.”, Entertainment Weekly

"Fresh, new, and original." -- Christian Science Monitor

“[A] powerfully insightful and often devastatingly funny debut…. Double Feature constantly walks the line between tragedy and comedy, between love and loathing, between friendship and strained codependency, between art and what’s only posing as art.” -- Bookpage

“Epic, ambitious, and dedicated to the uncontainable…[King] has a captivating energy, a precision and a fondness for people that are rare…King loves people as well as words, and he has the reach of a novelist…this is the real stuff, I think, and there’s plenty of it.” -- The New York Times

“The son of horror master Stephen, the younger King delivers a darkly humorous and often heartfelt work that's part ode to low-budget movies, part family drama and part screwball comedy with a slew of oddball characters… the only scary thing here is the new novelist's potential as a writer.” -- USA Today

“Sharp, hilarious, and irreverent, Double Feature is not only a love-letter to cinema, but also a moving exploration of what it means to be an artist. This novel is brilliant, and Owen King is a magician.” -- Lauren Groff, author of The Monsters of Templeton and Arcadia

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