Paul Abraham – The Gospel According to Abraham

The Gospel According to Abraham

I hadn't heard Paul Abraham’s voice before I read this book -- but somehow I knew that he would have a soft, southern drawl. I was right. What a joy it was to talk to Paul about his adventures as a tour manager for so many legendary musicians: Lynyrd SkynyrdPaul RodgersMichael Peterson and so many more.

His book, The Gospel According to Abraham, is filled with memories of his childhood to his travels around the world a wild group of rockers. There is an 'aw shucks' element to this book -- you can feel the JOY that Paul has experienced during his career as a tour manager. As a boy from the Delta, he never dreamed that he would be part of the history of rock. His humble and lighthearted approach to telling his story is touching. Whether in the States or on a tour of Europe, Paul met the challenges of dealing with demands of the road -- from fans who wanted to get close to their idols to navigating travel through Europe. 

Paul Abraham hasn't lost that Southern, wide-eyed charm of a boy from the Delta and this biography is a marvelous snapshot of his life. You feel that he is grateful for the path that God chose for him and every reader will be impressed with his admiration for the rock musicians whose tours he organized. Filled with stories of the antics and ups and downs of touring, Paul Abraham writes with such enthusiasm that you feel you are backstage or on the tour bus. 

Killer Beaz, “world-famous” comedian: Paul Abraham is equal parts psychic, cat herder, gang enforcer, priest, judge-jury-executioner, AND GRIZZLY! With a heart of gold. Love that man. “Save up!”

Michael Peterson, chart-topping musician and songwriter:  I have worked with several road managers during my career of 30+ years. I was friendly with all of them, but only became true friends with one. That would be Paul Abraham. He always did a great job handling details, but more importantly, he did a fantastic job taking care of the people he was with. He never failed in that regard. He was and still is one of the finest men I know. What a privilege it has been to work with and known him."

I always love to hear the story behind the book -- and Paul certainly delivers us a fun read. 

Those were the days..

Paul Rodgers - An inspiration to so many rock singers...


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