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It was a JOY to have Peter Riva join me to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of Joy on Paper. Just a few weeks ago Peter joined me to talk about the release of his most recent book, Kidnapped in Africa --- the third book in his thriller series featuring Mbuno, an African guide, and Pero Baltazar, a documentary producer. I fell in love with Mbuno, who has become one of my favorite characters. Actually. one of my favorite people, because he is so real to me.

Peter's African series is based on his many years of traveling and working in Africa. His TAG series is based on his lifelong love of sci-fi and science. The books, cyberpunk adventures, are fast paced and believable. Narrated by Simon Banks, a brilliant computer nerd the books are fast paced with a liberal sprinkling of humor.  Simon Banks, who becomes an unlikely hero, helped to design two sentient computers, but is not limited by keyboard and mouse — he does everything with his mind. So jump into the book and Simon's mind for an exciting adventure.

As with his other books, Peter has the remarkable ability of creating characters that are so real, you not only want to know them, you think you do. Simon Banks is so deftly written that you forget he is a character in a book. He's so likable that you will find yourself worried about him when things go bad and smiling -- or laughing out loud -- when things go right. You will enjoy jumping into the thought-provoking world as Simon and his computer friends as they try to save mankind from extinction. I particularly love Zip, a telepathic dog , who attaches himself to this unlikely group of heroes.

Enjoy really superior writing as the author moves seamlessly from scientific theory to humor in a few sentences

About the Author

Peter Riva is multi-talented. He started off his academic studies as a pure math major, went on to UCLA Film School and later became an Apprentice at BBC. He has spent "a ton of time" in East Africa and more in North and Central Africa where he has produced almost a hundred hours of prime-time wildlife television programming.

He has also been deeply involved in scientific projects, including acting as the promoter and project manager, for the Voyager ' Round the World Flight program. The Voyager completed the 1st nonstop circumnavigation of the globe on December 14, 1986.

It was Peter who arranged for the Voyager aircraft to be permanently displayed in the National Air & Space Museum.



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Maria Riva's book about her mother...

Peter's Grandmother was Marlene Dietrich and his mother is the actress, Maria Riva, who has appeared in 100s of TV programs. Her book tells the story of one of Hollywood's biggest stars & a true American hero. My father fell in love with her during the Battle of the Bulge, when she arrived at the front in a Jeep wearing fatigues and a helmet. What a morale booster!

Enjoy this fascinating story of a brave Hollywood star.

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This is a case where one is just not enough. Once you read the first book, The Path,

you will want to continue with Reaching for Angelica.

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The book that inspired little Peter Riva...

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Peter with his Grandmother

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Then read Peter's African series..

I suggest you start with my favorite book -- an introduction to Mbuno, the African guide featured in Peter's African series.

After that you will want to continue the adventure...

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